Paris Jackson Out Pokies All Pokies For Elle Magazine

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earl-jonas - September 20, 2017

Sassy starlet Paris Jackson just shut down the pokie game on the pages of Elle Magazine, where she poses in a tissue-thin tank top and dumb jeans with her girls taking center stage. The nineteen-year-old was obviously on the cusp of freezing to death, as it looks like she's smuggling two broken off pieces of a Toblerone bar under her shirt. 

Ego readers will know that Jackson isn't a fan of clothes, and if she had it her way, we'd probably be seeing her nip tips in all their glory here. But, since this is technically a fashion magazine, she needs to sell something. Those wondering what this elegant cotton boob catcher will cost you will be happy to know that it's only $490. Not making that up. Maybe I'd pay that much if I was getting the exact shirt Jackson is wearing. Head to the gallery to witness Paris owning her own femininity nice and dirty.


Photo Credit: Elle