Paris Hilton Stunning And See-Through At The iHeart Music Awards

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elliot-wolf - March 14, 2018

Paris Hilton is dressed like someone’s hot fairy godmother and hope that someone is me. Because I have a wish. A few actually. I’ve narrowed down everything I’d like to ask Paris for with three wishes. My first wish is for a tuxedo that compliments her outfit. It’s only right that the both of us look magical for the evening. My next wish would be for a sailboat. There’s no better way to get to know another person than spending alone time with them out on open water. My final wish that I would want to be granted is having my own personal dancing instructor. Paris is a DJ so learning to cut a rug seems like it would be the quickest shortcut to her heart.

Speaking of hearts, Paris’ other outfit is full of them and she looks just as awesome. I'm starting to believe that Hilton is involved with more activities than she admits. She looks exactly like a lady Cupid. This can't just be a coincidence. I'm beginning to feel like I've been pierced with the arrow of love after peeking at Paris. Whether or not she has the power to grant wishes, she'll still always be special in my book.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA