Paris Hilton Shows Off Her Shape In NYC

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elliot-wolf - February 23, 2018

Paris Hilton is probably the most perfect mold on this planet and I think she knows. She stepped out in what I can imagine is a suit designed for sexy superheroes. I need a little saving if that was her duty for the evening. She was in town for Rihanna’s birthday and I can only imagine the bash that went on behind closed doors. It must have been absolutely crazy. I know Paris must be into having a wild time and being with wild people. I’m a pretty wild man myself. Sometimes I stay up until 3 a.m. when I have work early in the morning. Or I’ll just not wear socks with an outfit because I’m that much of a risk taker. Paris and I would have such a blast being together. I hope she calls me the next time she plans on going party hopping.

I think I also may subconsciously be attracted to her superhero outfit because she looks like she could be a female version of Venom. Like a sleeker, more seductive result of when a symbiote only partially bonds with a person’s skin. Only this time she’s fighting off boredom at a party instead of Spiderman on the rooftop.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA