Paris Hilton Golden Sheer Booty Cheeks In Paris

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

Paris Hilton did what she does best while at a fashion event in Paris. Namely, dress provocatively. She had on a sheer gold dress that was pretty much see-through. You could see those famous Paris boobs under the dress but what you could see quite clearly is her booty. I've been a fan of Paris' butt ever since I saw it in a...umm...film of her...I saw years ago. Only then it was in night vision green so it's nice to see it in living color. Paris has been low profile, or well lower profile, the last few years. The media has been preoccupied with other hotties and we haven't heard a lot about Paris. But don't forget, Paris was the original reality IT girl. She did it first and did it best.

But seriously, Paris' booty is the stuff of legend. Frankly I think she's even hotter now that she's a little older and wiser. Maturity suits her well. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash