Paris Hilton Classy Cleavage in NYC

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aldo-vallon - April 24, 2018

Paris Hilton gets a bad rap, but she has accomplished a lot more than I think most people realize. She has had multiple television series, appeared in movies, released albums, and on top of that has made a fortune in her own right just from selling perfume. I think that last one impresses me the most. How can you slap your name on a bottle of water that smells good and have people want to buy it?

I have never smelled Ms. Hilton before, but if a girl I knew needed a recommendation for a new perfume then I would definitely recommend hers. There has been over a billion dollars in revenue. That is no small feat. I actually have a recommendation for a new scent that women are sure to fall in love with while also protecting her brand. It will be La Croix mixed with hotel shampoo. I personally guarantee its success.

And as if Paris’s triumphs could not get any more impressive she goes and gets engaged to a hunk. The man looks like Justin Bieber 2.0. I cannot vouch for his singing voice, but I am pretty sure he can reach the top shelf of the cupboard, so his abilities already impress me.




Photo Credit: Backgrid