Paris Hilton Bikini Vacation Photos, Because Paris Hilton Demands Your Attention

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bill-swift - January 15, 2013

Let's face it, despite her excessively public romantic affair with a teenage boy model and her ceaseless Tweets reminiscent of a fourth grade girl writing down her most intimate thoughts in her Hello Kitty notebook, it's been kind of slow publicity times for Billionaire Barbie. With precious few arrests of late, contraband conveyance ongoing without incident, and HSV2 become something of a passe topic, the blonde heiress has kind of been flying under the radar. And while Paris is used to be under many things, being under the radar isn't one of them.

The solution. Release some bikini vacation photos. Now, far be it from us to ever complain about girls in bikinis, and Billionaire Barbie does keep herself in pretty fine bikini shape, so perhaps we can merge the passion of Paris for publicity, with our own needs for perusing mostly nekkid bodies, and call it a win-win. We do try to be half is glass full here. Enjoy.