Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures Show How a Real Woman Pays Her Bills

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

I'll say this for Billionaire Barbie, she's an earner. I was going to say, she pays her bills, but after hearing tales form her last long-term boyfriend about how she didn't open her wallet for 18-months to pay for a single thing, that might be overstepping the compliment. But, she does work. She does earn. She doesn't fly to St. Tropez to leopard-print bikini time on her own dime, trust me, there's a sponsor.

Nevertheless, the free benefit to us oglers is seeing Billionaire Barbie, still maintaining the bikini body in lean shape, resisting the urge to implant some big knockers on her front end, keeping it all real as a lazy-eyed partying heiress can these days.

If we could afford to hire Paris, we would too. But not to stand around and look pretty, we have some more hands-on projects in mind. Enjoy.