Pamela Burgos Is Too Hot To Handle In Maxim Cover Shoot

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aldo-vallon - November 5, 2017

 Too hot to handle is a fitting phrase to use in regards to Pamela Burgos, but it feels a little odd since I would very much like to handle her. Some of her greatest features are natural handles that are practically begging to be touched. I guess there are some lessons that I still have not learned from my childhood, like how hot soup is desirable, but boiling soup will leave you with a blistered stomach when you try to eat it in a rocking chair. The only burning feeling a woman is likely to give you will be located on your genitals. I am sure that lesson can be made to apply to this topic somehow. Something, women are like soup. See, that was easy. I do not think Aesop could have come up with a better fable that warns of the dangers of beautiful women. Like most of his fables this one too will be disregarded because who cares about a burning feeling that can be cured by a trip to the doctor when they have the chance to reenact an Enrique Iglesias music video?   

Photo Credit: Instagram / Photographers Turna & Palma