Pamela Anderson Wears Only Her Cruelty Free Shoes

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bill-swift - February 27, 2016

Pamela Anderson knows how to sell. No long speeches or big production numbers. Just taking off her clothes, putting on a brunette wig for some reason, and showing off her all new-vegan footwear line which is important if you're into the be kind to animals mode and also you intend to eat your shoes one day. I might consider it if a naked Pamela Anderson insisted I do it in front of her. 50-50 at least.

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It's been well on 25 years now that Pam has been using her busty bodacious female form to pimp and promote, herself and other fine bits of merchandise. Why stop now? Oh, sure there's a good bit of the post-production touch up going on here, but the curves are all Pam's and the courage to bare is as well. If only every fine lady in Tinsel Town followed the same photography path what a world it would be. I'd never leave home, not without several ice packs and a limp. I'm not buying the shoes, Pam, but I'm buying the effort. Good on you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paper Magazine