Pamela Anderson Looks Super Hot In Solar Magazine

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michael-garcia - October 13, 2016

Legendary babe Pamela Anderson was looking hot as ever in Solar Magazine. Pam has entertained us with her gigantic jugs for almost twenty something years and is still going strong. The truth is that there would be no Kate Upton or Charlotte McKinney if not for Pam Anderson. She was the blond bombshell of our teenage years. Who can forget the slow motion bounce of her in that red Baywatch swimsuit? I think that made me go through puberty. She's still helping young men develop their sexuality with pics like these. She's in nothing but a bra and panties in some of these pics. Her funbags cannot be contained by mere fabric and she's busting out all over the place. In my next life I want to come back as Pam Anderson's bra. Or panties. Either one.

I also remember in the early days of widespread Internet use a certain video of Pam and then husband Tommy Lee. Those were the good 'ol days of sex tapes. It seemed like such an innocent time. 


Photo Credit: Solar Magazine

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