Pam Anderson Shows Up For Comic Con Poland

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aldo-vallon - November 28, 2017

 What a low effort costume on the part of Pamela Anderson. Just because it is Poland's Comic-Con does not mean it is something to scoff at. That has got to be the saddest attempt at a Cruella de Vil that I have ever seen. I could do better with a real dalmatian knocked out from chloroform. And frankly, given Pamela's history of animal activism, I think the costume to be in poor taste. 

I kid, I kid. I know that is no attempt at cosplaying. That is a good thing too. If the people running the convention see someone in a costume as low energy as that they will get banned for life. It is tragic to witness. The tears of a grown man dripping into his neckbeard is almost to much to bear. Not so tragic that it will keep me from taking a picture and posting it to my insagram @cosplayconvicts, but it is still fairly tragic. 

It truly is a sign of goodwill for Pamela to visit the good people of Poland. After what they went through under the Soviets they need whatever pickmeups they can get. Stay strong, brothers, and maybe we can send Carmen Electra next.  

Photo Credit: Splash News