Diane Fleri Topless Pregnant Bikini Pictures Rile Up My Curved Out Body Fetish


Diane Fleri is a big time French actress who stars in Italian films and certainly seems to be in a motherly sort of way. Now, I know many of you are uncomfortable at the sight of even a hot woman with child. I on the other hand, and my silent majority million kinky man army, revel in the bodacious and growing curves of the Madonna in advance of the miracle of childbirth. Also, really swollen funbags.

Diane was preening, parading, and floating in the waters off Formentera quite topless and showy. Not that those European beaches aren't traditionally or often topless, just we don't often see the preggo ladies baring their luscious tops when on vacation. Go on, throw your barbs and arrows, I wear your taunts like a badge of honor. Even as a I prepare to lotion up Diane's burgeoning female form. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures Light Up Spain With Brazilian Supermodel Hotness

You know my favorite saying, everybody could use a little Goulart in their lives. No truer words have ever been spoken now seeing Izabel Goulart in one of her rare candidly public appearances seaside in Spain, showing off her statuesque bikini body that is normally reserved for high priced magazine and catalog shoots.

Izabel works that Pilates machine like nobody's business, the result being a tall and lean and toned body that I'd like out for paella at one of those Spanish beach front restaurants. Izabel and I would eat and drink late into the evening, well, I would eat and drink while she nibbled on some veggies and bubbly water and by nine o'clock I'd probably be tired. I hope she still finds that sexy enough to invite back to her room. I know I do. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Hotness Could Not Save Team Italy

You've got to respect the effort. And the body. Claudia Romani spent the better part of the past week in Italian colors and flags and jerseys and showing off her Boot in a bikini in support of Team Italy in the World Cup. Sadly, for her in the least, Team Italy was eliminated from the 2014 games today. But not for lack of superfan Claudia Romani being super hot.

Claudia, I hope you don't lose faith in the magical powers of your killer tush to move mountains. Now that Team Italy is out of the tournament, I'd like to invite you to join my team. Team Naughty. I'll send you the jersey and instructions for posing in the mail. Trust me, this particular team can't be beat if you're on our side. Enjoy.

Mellisa Clarke Topless Shower Snaps Make Selfies Worthwhile Again


Let's be honest. Selfies are like stretch pants. They give and they taketh away. It really is a phenomenon that you have to sift through to find the gems. But it doesn't take much sifting when alt-brunette glamour hottie Mellisa Clarke grabs a camera and start snapping her naturally not self in the shower taking off her undies. It's pure genius.

At some point, hot girls will figure out how to take any technology or trend to its utter heights. Duck faced selfies passed around the sorority house. Ha-ha-meh. But Mellisa Clarke and her ridiculously hot female form shot and scrunched racktastic by her own self. Well, less funny, more catatonic staring. Thank you for sharing, Mellisa. Enjoy.

Nikki Lund Puts Her Bikini Boobtastic Where Her Fashion Line Is

I'll say this for fashion designing L.A. native Nikki Lund, she's not asking anybody to show off in her clothes more than she does herself.

Nikki took to the cool waters off the shore of Malibu for a little wet white bikini time, her top neatly designed to keep her large funbags covered even if a little bit see-through and showy. You don't just strap any top over those funions and expect them to stay intact during a rough and tumble surf entry and exit, the site of many a woman wardrobe malfunction. No such luck here, but still we've got our eyes on Nikki. All over. While we drool and imagine her late night designing sessions. I'll being the skein of yarn, Nikki, you pull. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Lingerie Pictures Are Tempting and Enticing and Really Should Be Mine

Go on George Clooney. Go get married. I'm happy delving into the trail of the forgotten, at least, that you have forgotten. Incredible hotties like Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. We've been drooling over Elisabetta for several years now. I'm not sure if it's her crazy hot looks or that killer body or the little outfits she prefers to model, such as this Lormar lingerie shoot, but the entire package is working for me.

Elisabetta, if you were my girl, I'd treat you like a princess. I mean, literally, probably hide you in a high tower that only I can visit. I am rather possessive, but, thankfully, I have a very short attention span. It would be the best fifteen minutes of castle tower confinement you have ever known. Just so hot. Enjoy.

Hannah Davis See-Through Goodies Sextastic in Zink

I'll say this for Sports Illustrated, much like Victoria's Secret they've built out and expanded a list of bathing suit hotties worldwide that we might not otherwise ever come to know. Hannah Davis for instance, who we first met in the SI Swimsuit Edition. Now, modeling up a sextastic storm as in this see-through pictorial for Zink magazine. See-through is the new not see-through and I definitely like where this trend is headed. Yes, you're wearing clothes, and, yes, we can see your faptastic funbags. It's the perfect blend of not getting arrested in public while still giving the gentleman ogler a nice libido palate cleanser.

Hannah Davis, I have my eyes on you. I can't really help it. It's just one of my natural reflexes. Please, don't ever wear a bra ever again. This is my wish for world peace. Enjoy.