Alessandra Ambrosio Leggy In Denim While Leaving Lunch In LA

Egotastic favorite Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted leaving a restaurant in LA is a very leggy pair of denim shorts. Alessandra has that classic tall model thing going so she’s got some serious leggage. I know that’s not a word, but I am inspired to make up new ways of describing hotness by Alessandra. She’s like, my sexy muse or something. Her sweater was also somewhat see-through so you could see her bra underneath. That’s an amazing sight to see. Really, if I go a day without seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in either a bra or bikini top I feel kind of let down. Luckily, those days are few. Let’s face it, she’s in various stages of undress most of the time.

I can’t wait for it to get warm enough for girls to start wearing shorts like this in New York where I live. Maybe I should migrate every year to whatever area ladies are the least dressed?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Julia Pereira Wears A Tiny Pink Bikini In Miami

Lovely Latina Julia Pereira showed off her melones grandes in a teeny tiny pink bikini in Miami. Spring is starting all over the country and that means that all the hotties that have been hibernating are peeking out of their hot lady burrows and putting on revealing swimsuits. Julia is super friggin’ sexy. She’s one of my favorite lingerie models. It seems like every other day we’re covering her in various states of undress. It’s not surprise seeing as she’s got a lot of talent. By talent I mean, of course, a humungous rack. But let’s not forget about her booty, y’all. She’s got the kind of caboose that makes a man believe that there is in fact a benevolent creator that made such a wondrous sight for us all to behold.

It is a great time to be alive, my friends. Let’s all celebrate the beginning of spring by ogling Julia’s thingies.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet/PacificCoastNews

Lindsey Pelas Achieves Instagram Gold Funbag Status

We all sort of fell in lust with the bodacious body of Lindsey Pelas around here these past couple of weeks. On the off chance you feel the same, we went ahead and perused her super fine social media picture account, because, lo and behold, Lindsey knows she’s good looking and her body isn’t hurting anybody who doesn’t want to get hurt. I can appreciate that bargain.

So we’re starting off this week with a look at some of Lindsey’s finer candid work and that body of hers that simply won’t quit. And not like you’d ever fire it. It’s truly something sextacular to lay your peeps upon. I’d recommend three sessions of twenty minutes and if you’re not feeling fertile by time’s end, consult your physician. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

We’re Working Out More Kinks


Thank you for all your helpful and hurtful complaint messages about the servers on this site. Please know we are working on improving. The basic problem is we have big ass traffic with a small ass budget for working parts. Like a large man trying to squeeze into a tiny Speedo, technology has yet to come up with a perfect solution for keeping our nuts from hanging out. We are working on it and should have most of the disheartening error messages banished soon. We want your experience to be carefree and enjoyable here at the Disneyland of Skin, so keep your hands inside the ride and we’ll get to fine tuning the broken bits.

Thanks for your patience.

Bill Swift.

P.S. Did you see Charlotte McKinney’s pretty panties? We are so much better than Disneyland.

Charlotte McKinney Panties Flashing Robe Malfunction Outside DWTS

Now you know why I never call anything in this world useless. As much as Dancing With the Star is completely unacceptable form of entertainment for anybody in the pre-neutered stage of their animal life, even this silly sparkly glitter bomb has something to offer the world of Egotastic! Namely, Charlotte McKinney flashing her panties and a healthy amount of her heaving bosom as her robe opened up in between rehearsal sessions on set. Now, I don’t know about what goes on at your place daily, but I’m guessing Charlotte McKinney isn’t exiting your abode and flashing her panties to the onlookers. If she is, call me, I’ll bring the beer.

Charlotte McKinney isn’t the new ‘anybody’. She’s just Charlotte McKinney, one righteously hot funbag blessed blonde bombshell carving her own path in this sextastic world. And if you’re going to carve, flashing your cleave and your pretty peeking panties is a good way to keep the bit sharp. Also, me chomping on it. The big, not Charlotte’s panties. Or both. I’m confused, but happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Karlie Kloss Wears Her Panties Well for Music Video

The last song I remember from Chic was Le Freak, it reminds me of every disco I ever went to in France. Please, dont’ ask. Apparently Nile Rogers and Chic have a new album out or new songs or a new music video, none of which is nearly as important as the fact that Karlie Kloss dances around in her taut lacy panties for the new song, I’ll Be There. Indeed, I will be there.

Now, I happen to love statuesque models in their black panties covering their highly worked out tight booties. I know, it’s a me thing I guess. Karlie Kloss would be forced to eat a few sandwiches under my supervision if my court appointed custodianship case is ever heard, but for now, I’m not throwing her and her taut body or panties out of bed for eating crackers. Even if crackers is the name of my pet chihuahua. You can always buy another dog. A supermodel in her undies doesn’t come around so easily. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chic feat Nile Rodgers “I’ll Be There” Music Video

Kim Kardashian Bikini Picture Shoot Stripped Down in Chilly Malibu

Kim Kardashian in a bikini shoot? It’s odd, but this is something we simply don’t see very often given all the massive amounts of Kim photography daily. The now blonde E! starlet and world famous something or other took to the chilly beach of Malibu for a straight up bikini on the rock shoots for an outlet that I can only imagine is paying through the nose. Or is that teeth? Either way, lots of zeros.

Love her or not so much, Kim Kardashian remains one of the most famous curvaceous women in the world. It’s simply indisputable. Everybody wants a piece of Kim, even people who just want a piece for a few precious moments in a supply closet. There’s the allure. Seeing Kim returning to her roots, well, not hair roots, but you know, bikini shoots, it’s kind of making me wistful. Also horny, I often get the two feelings quite confused. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI