Kim Kardashian Booty In A Super Tight Burgundy Dress in NYC

Hall of fame hottie Kim Kardashian showed off her legendary booty in an extremely tight burgundy dress in New York City. Is there a better derriere on planet Earth than Kim Kardashian's caboose? If there is I'd like to see it. Kim has mastered the art of wearing tight clothes to better accentuate her amazing rack and booty. Not everyone can look this good sporting tight clothes, my friends. The dress also allowed us a peek at her stomach through a see-through window. But the thing that pops out in the front is, of course, those incredible boobies. Much like her booty it's hard to find many funbags that can compete with Kim's girls. The whole Kardashian clan was blessed by the good Lord with totally unbelievable yum yums, but only Kim has the magic combination of booty and boobs.

That Kanye West is a lucky man. I don't see why he's so angry all the time. If I had Kim's booty to lay my face on at the end of the day I'd never be unhappy again.

Cara Santana Shows Off Her Abs

The lovely Cara Santana showed off her amazing abs in a sports bra in LA. She was leaving the gym wearing a pair of workout pants that were so tight that they look like they were painted on. They did a good job of displaying her shapely booty. As a top she chose to go with just a sports bra. The result was a glimpse at her incredibly toned stomach. Who can blame her for showing it off, it's friggin' perfect. If I had abs like that I'd walk around topless all the time. The sports bra also framed her perfectly pert ta-tas in a great way. I first became aware of Cara when I was forced to watch one of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies by my mom. While I did not enjoy the film about talking rat dogs, I did like seeing Cara. I remember thinking, "Wow, that girl is super hot to be in this movie".

It almost made watching that movie worth it. Almost.

Mr. Skin’s Brand Spanking New 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time (And Giving Away 15 Lifetime Memberships!)


Mr. Skin is getting old. He's turning fifteen and celebrating by banging out an entirely new Greatest Ever Celebrity Nude Scenes list. Could Phoebe Cates in Fast Times be toppled from the throne like a super hot King Joffrey with perfect yams? Mr. Skin's using complex science to determine his tops list, unlike some magazines we know. A winner will be crowned in a countdown over the next couple of weeks.

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To add icing to the birthday cake, Mr. Skin is handing out 15 Lifetime Membership to 15 Lucky visitors who come to check out the 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes. It's a win win, and win. A Lifetime of Mr. Skin means less skin on your johnny, but more joy in your eyes.

Here's a look at the PG-13 preview of the list. You're going to want to see uncensored video scenes list in its entirety. Because I know you better than you know yourself. The sign up is entirely free to see all 150 scenes. It's so much better than work, I can't tell you. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Seem Ever So Happy to Be in Purple

Lourdes Leon seems like a perky young lady. And why not have headlight happiness while relishing a summer vacation in Cannes. Granted, you have to hang out with your mom and her new boyfriend who is likely younger than you, but you get to hang out in a bikini for a couple weeks, cruise around on a yacht, swim in the warm Mediterranean waters,

Lourdes is still a couple months away from turning eighteen, you know, so even though she's smoking and going to college and jetting about the world in her bikini, we treat her with kid gloves. At least when staring at her wet bikini nipples, that seems like the most decent policy. Enjoy.

Jessica Hall Topless and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Miriam Adler Topless Swimming Nymphtastic in C-Heads Magazine


I happen to have a thing for young hot blonde models with stellar nekkid bodies. I know, I'm weird. But seeing Miriam Adler in this Derek Wood pictorial for C-Heads magazine all wet and swimming and hot bodied nymph like in the water, well, I'm reminded of my rather unique taste in women.

Some summer days, I just like to lay back on the grass and look up at the sky and imagine each passing cloud is a hot blonde model passing over me in the sky, as in my sleeping dreams as well. I find the experience rather serene and calming. At least until somebody screams and calls the park ranger and I have to run. I can't take another public indecency strike. Miriam, I blame you. Well, mostly me. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures Wet, Wild, and Dripping with Hawaiian Excitement

What can you say about a wet bikini clad Alessandra Ambrosio other than, can I help you get wetter? Perhaps a bit crude, but there's little time to be wasted when in the presence of a pre-moistened supermodel fresh from a bikini turn in the waters off the coast of Hawaii where the CNN massive hurricanes failed to appear this week.

Alessandra isn't just a hot alluring mom, she's a wet crazy hot and outrageously alluring mom. I could bounce my naughtiest dreams off those abs of hers. A solid place to start in what would amount to a three hour tour of her long slender MILFtastic model body. Oh, Alessandra, I can't imagine the damage you're going to do to your kids guy friends as they get older. Like a walking lesson in how to become a man. Enjoy.