Ancilla Tilia Topless Playboy Photoshoot For TGIF Dutch Treats

Ancilla Tilia Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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We just met her on Monday in the Boob Tube Roundup, but Dutch blonde hottie Ancilla Tilia made quite an impression on many of you, so how could I not end the week by sharing her fully faptastic photos from her sole pictorial with Playboy. Just one wicked sextastic young blonde lady in glasses and no top behind the wheel of her car. Maybe wooden shoes, I didn’t really notice.

Hotties Like Ancilla Topless and Playing Around on Playboy.TV Free For One Week Trial!

It’s pictorials like these that remind me just how powerful are the lady loving dreams rattling around the male libido. Sure, the entire world of women doesn’t look quite as good perhaps as Ancilla whilst buck nekkid behind the steering wheel, but the raw power contained in the female lady goodness is something we men are loathe to admit has complete control over any of our perceived defenses. We are but your humble servants, though at times you fail to recognize your power. Damn, I might have given away some trade secrets. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Cameron Diaz Unseen Modeling Pictures at Age 17, the Beginning of the Beautiful Run

Well, these we just had to share. It’s hard to believe 25 years have passed since Cameron Diaz was just an aspiring teen model with her entire future brightly ahead of her. The blonde teen model whilst rather innocently posed in these pictures, was already clearly exuding the female talents that would secure her not only numerous major modeling contracts shortly after, but many movie roles including The Mask where most people first put her on their must-fap-to-list.

There is no fortune so great I won’t spend it on photos to show you all the hottie origin stories. While I personally have a borderline unhealthy addiction to veteran hotties, I do so love to journey back into time to see where it all began. There are some girls in high school who tell you they are going to be models and you just kind of look at them and wonder what they’re thinking. I bet when Cameron Diaz told everybody that they all shook their heads and said, damn straight you are. Such a sweet attractive treat. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rihanna Crazy Sexy Oily, Lily Allen Topless Oops, Elizabeth Olsen Topless And Much Much More…

Rihanna Sexy Esquire Screenshots 2014
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The apex of the week has been achieved. If apex means end, I can never remember. Here were are on a Friday. The tech team began drinking here at Egotastic! on Wednesday just to get a head start. One beer between them and their pretty much snookered for 72 hours. Their pale skinny bodies are uniquely unable to process alcohol. As for the rest of us here in the penthouse basement suite, we don’t touch a drop of the good stuff until we’ve carefully reviewed all the goodies in the goody bag known as Reader Finds. And this week’s bag has some goodies alright.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Rihanna greasy boobtastic in Esquire behind the scenes (thank you to EgoReader ‘Justin B’), Lily Allen funbags slipping out on British TV (kudos to ‘Marcus” for this treasure), Erin O’Brien ginger topped Jailbait (wow, luscious lovely stills from ‘Ben B.’), Rosanna Arquette topless in her hey day (hey days via ‘Kenny’), Sharon Hinnendael in not one, but two getting jiggy with topless girls fun parts (visual treats courtesy of ‘Eileen’), sisterly topless Lynette and Leigh Harris classic skinematic lust (dropped off kindly by ‘Sir Jest’), Virginia Madsen an unsung hero of the topless thespianics (delivered to the doorstep by ‘Francis’), Anne Hathaway quite topless in her early work (luscious Hathaways from the mind of ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson cleavage in Lucy (delightful melons thanks to ‘O-Bomb’), Gillian Jacobs topless perfect ta-ta’s (oh, what a visual day with help from ‘Ben O’), Mimi Rogers and her epic epic bare funbags (first wife of Cruise treats a la ‘Owen D.’), Marisa Tomei such underrated hottie bare tops (loves me some Tomei promoted by ‘Sullivan’), Elizabeth Olsen flashing her sweet teatly treats (the finest Olsen sister bare via ‘Steve H.’), Keira Knightly topless untouched in Interview magazine (submitted by so many of you god-fearing readers, thanks), Calvin Klein would be model Myla Delbasio nekkid modeling pics (she’s not “fat” Calvin, she’s perfect, much obliged to ‘David M.’), and last but not least, Gwendoline Christie statuesque and nekkid without her armor on (lovely addition by ‘Michael G.’). You can’t handle the tubes! Or can you? Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Wears Only Red Pantyhose And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Miley Cyrus is topless in pantyhose for her new video. (Drunken Stepfather)

Tyga’s new girlfriend Dollicia Bryan is pretty sexy, yo. (TMZ)

The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is hawt. (Huffington Post)

Toni Garrn unleashes her mighty cleavage. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Aniston lets out one satiny boob. (Dlisted)

Which one of these hotties will be the next Miss Colombia. (COED)

Emily Sears has some big ‘ol fashioned funbags. (Celebslam)

Brina Chantal Bikini Natural Wet Hotness for the Pimp Water

Those folks at the creepy bottled water factory simply won’t stop. It’s almost some kind of addiction they have to taking pretty girls in bikinis or less along the Malibu shoreline and filming them hoisting their bottles of water. It can’t possibly be merely a marketing ploy. Nobody needs that many promotional photos. It has to be a great way to meet ridiculously hot women and get them splashing into the water half-nekkid. I wish they’d just admit that. I’m pretty certain I’d respect them more.

Brina Chantal is an L.A model with brunette locks, a naturally lean fine female form for those of you clamoring for such nature made goodness, and a desire to get herself as moist as possible for her smiling pimping bikini shoots. Sounds like an A-grade to me. A-plus would require just a bit more of a show. Still, better than any score I ever received K-12. Good on you, Brina. Though you will still have to stay after class to discuss your future. Enjoy.

Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Conan O’Brien Kisses Some French Dudes to Death in ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ (VIDEO)

Clueless Gamer- Assassin's Creed Unity
Making the stealthiest choice: bright freaking yellow.

Conan cannot and will not be stopped. From Grand Theft Auto V to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, he strides into the biggest, badassiest releases unfazed; armed only with his license to snark. He may get a little sidetracked by his efforts to gun down a particularly angry-looking milk carton, but he knows his stuff right here.

Well, usually, no, he effing doesn’t. But hold on to your butts, because this episode of Clueless Gamer is a shocker.

This week, Conan’s trying his hand at Assassin’s Creed Unity. We already know we’re onto something good with this one; he opens with a boner joke. That’s what today’s games reviews have been missing: piss-takery about erectile dysfunction. And when you throw some causal reminding-us-that-Kanye-West-is-still-an-ass into the bargain, that’s all the better.

Above, behold the French Revolution, Conan O’Brien style. We learn that all French people have horrible British accents, and ‘collecting receipts and getting involved in theatrical labor disputes’ is the most exciting thing in the world. Most of all, it’s revealed that Conan is a terrifyingly, authorities-alertingly good Assassin’s Creed serial killer.

Via Joystiq.

Michelle Lewin Thong Thumper Extravaganza in the Miami Beach Frontier

The competition for best butt on Miami Beach is a rigorous, if not nearly deadly battle for thumper supremacy. So many fine women in so many tiny bikinis vying for the informal title of Miami Asstastic. The amount of hours and sweat and determination and blessed genes that goes into even being near the top, well, it’s unimaginable nearly. I say nearly because I imagine it so very often myself.

Michelle Lewin must be considered in and around the Heisman Trophy finalist category in the department of the killer tush in thong. Her bottom side, her all over sides, well, they just exude a passion inducement that is nearly impossible to resist. When she preens and poses and stretches her fitness yoked body on the beach, at least a dozen gentleman oglers require CPR immediately on the spot. Now that is power. Enjoy.