Cam Li Bikini Pictures Will Make Your Eyes Smile and Your Mouth Water in Miami

I have this sneaking suspicion that model Cami Li and I would get along quite well. For instance, she would say anything and I would respond by laughing and complimenting her and kissing her ass. Then she'd tell me to shut up and I'd tell her she's so right and absolutely and beg her forgiveness. Then I'd ask her if I could help her change out of her bikini, just to be helpful, and build up some crocodile tears to go with my begging puppy dog face. That to me right there is a real relationship with a hot curvaceous bikini model. I could probably write a book about such romantic couplings.

Cami was posing on the beach in Miami just to remind everybody that petite ethnic girls with bodacious boobtastic are not just a fetish anymore, they've gone wide in their appeal. I'm feeling wide at least appealing Cam here for the past twenty minutes. She really is quite the ocean-front view. Enjoy.

Rosario Dawson Takes A Dip At Cannes

The lovely Rosario Dawson took time out of promoting her latest movie to go swimming in the ocean in Cannes, France. She's there to promote her film The Captive. I'll tell you what I'm captivated by: her lovely lady melons. Though the swimsuit is a one piece, it does give you a nice look at her amazing cleavage. I've hearted her chest area since I saw it in the buff in that Alexander movie with Colin Farrell. In fact, that sex scene is pretty much the only reason to see that movie. I'm not sure if she gets in the buff in this latest flick, but a boy can dream. You can also see a little bit of her firm cheeks as she gets out of the water. Would that I were a drop of water that I might cling to that booty. That's poetry, y'all.

I went to Cannes once when a movie I did was in the festival. I didn't see anyone that looked like Rosario Dawson on the beach. Mostly it was old French ladies. Naked. Obviously, I need to get another movie in stat because the festival attendees have gotten hotter.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Sideboob In Paris

Kim Kardashian was seen walking around Paris with her Eiffel Towers practically bursting from her couture. Kim was sporting a very revealing tank top and she "accidentally" forgot to wear a bra, mon dieu! There is all kinds of sideboob action going on. Her funbags shone forth like beacons of American freedom to the Frenchies. There is no denying that Kim's jugs are spectacular. She knows it too, which is why she so often has them on display. Magnifique! Kim is in France for her wedding and is going to also attend the Cannes Film Festival. Speaking of cans, her legendary booty was also shown off in her tight skirt.

I'm not exactly sure why Kim is going to Cannes, after all there isn't a category for the Palm d'Or for reality TV... Yet. But I think they should seriously consider adding a "best performance by a pair of ta-tas". I nominate Kim's sweater puppies.

Sofia Vergara Asstastic Is a Sight to Behold in New Orleans

Brad Pitt does all kinds of charitable good-deeds in New Orleans since Katrina. Suffice it to say, he deserves some kudos for his benevolent work there. Not the least of which was inviting his celebrity friends to town over the weekend for a big fund raising event for the Make It Fight Foundation, including Sofia Vergara who packed her award winning thumper into one super tight white dress that could be seen from all points along the Mississippi.

I don't know the first thing about throwing a fancy gala fundraiser, but I'm guessing that having a hot Colombian woman with her badonkadonk flashing like a beacon of passion inducement is a strong start. I know I tend to be far more generous in those types of visual environs myself. So, good on you as well, Sofia. Using your sweet lady curves for a righteous cause. Everybody's a winner. Enjoy.

Suzana Kviatkoski Topless Hotness from Brazil for Your Mammarial Monday Ogling Pleasure


On the off chance you happen to completely dig hot Brazilian models with absolutely perfect bodies and really not any clothes, on this Mammarial Monday I present to you Suzana Kviatkoski, just one World Cup trophy worth of sextastic female delights from Bella da Semana.

Suazana reminds us of many things including how thankful we are to experience the treats of women through all eight or so of our senses, not to mention how much many of us miss tanlines on the sextastic ladies. But, mostly Suzana represents the hope of mankind. Or, more specifically, that somebody as ridiculously hot as Suzana will be kind to this here man. Without dreams, we are dreamless. Something like that. Suzana, call me, I will absolutely learn Portuguese before I meet your parents. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Bikinis By Day, Deep Cleavage Flashing By Night, For Can Show in Cannes

Pamela Anderson is not going to the trouble of flying one-quarter of the way around the world not to not show off her hooters. It's just that simple. Even now in her mature motherly years, whether it be hanging by the pool in a bikini (above), or flashing serious boobtastic when out on the town in Cannes...

...Pamela Anderson chest puppies show will not be denied. Pam is reporting that she's super happy since she remarried that guy she was married to for a couple days about a decade ago. Who can explain love? Or just wanting somebody to get that sunscreen on the parts of your back you can't reach on your own. I think that's sunscreen. Hey, it's Pam Anderson. She still parties. Bless your more than two decades of hard work on our behalf. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Cleavage Always Feels at Home in Cannes

The South of France really is like a home away from home for Billionaire Barbie whose various professions and shopping trips often take her the Cannes and the surrounding Riviera beach towns. It's not often we see Paris with this many clothes on in fact, but when she's off the clock I suppose some deference must be made for modesty, though not so much as to not flash her pumped up cleavage to the good people of France who revere her as a very silly god.

As always I must say this for Paris, she's always put together and she always seems somewhere fun. Not every heiress can say that, though I guess many can. Still, I can divorce my jealous from my wanton desire to stare at her supported yams as she moves from party to party in Cannes. And there are a lot of parties. Go Barbie, Go. Enjoy.