Lily Allen Takes A Bikini Dip In NYC

British singer and sexy person Lily Allen went for a swim at the Soho House Hotel in New York City. She wore a teeny tiny blue and orange bikini that showed off her bangin' figure. Yes, her body is so amazing I had to go back in time and bring back the word bangin'. It appears that the water in the pool was cold because Ms. Allen's nips were certainly perky and present. Lily's ta-tas are the definition of the term pert. She's the kind of gal who can get away with never wearing a bra and a celebrate her right to do so. She's also got a fairly extraordinary booty which is shown off in her tight blue bottoms. I've always had a thing for Lily Allen ever since I first saw her on an English talk show years ago. She's one of my celebrity free passes.

It's hard to believe that someone so hot is the sister of Alfie Allen, (Theon Greyjoy) from Game of Thrones. I would gladly be her Reek anyday.

Nicola Peltz Deep Cleavage At “Transformers” Premiere In Japan

Actress and giant robot friend Nicola Peltz looked unbelievably hot at the Japanese premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction. She wore an orange dress that had a plunging neckline, and by plunging I mean it was completely open to her belly. It seems that Japanese customs confiscated her bra because she wasn't wearing one. The result is an epic amount of cleavage. Her chest is the thing I want to view in digital 3D. There was also a bit of sideboob action for our viewing pleasure. Nicola is so sexy that I'm actually going to go see this Transformers. I will give Michael Bay that he has cast some pretty sexy women in these fighting robot movies over the years. First Megan Fox wore short shorts draped over Bumblebee or whatever and now Nicola is fighting for humanity's right to survive with her hotness.

If robots taking over the world movies have taught me anything, from Transformers to the Terminator, is that our best hope for survival is scantily clad women.

Hayley Orrantia Purple Bikini For a Water Goddess Introduction to Egotastic!

Hello, hottie Texas brunette thespianic Hayley Orrantia. You may have seen Hayley in her role on The Goldbergs on ABC. Or, now you can see her pushes up in her bikini top all purple and hard to miss on the beach in Malibu. I think I might just be in lust. Strike that, I know I am.

How jealous I quickly become of things such as the ocean surf as it laps up the sweet behind of young sextastic celebrities like Hayley. Why I am tortured to look from behind my mini spy binoculars while the salty brine can lap her up in every crack and crevice. Alas, maybe in my next life. Enjoy.

Jehane Gigi Paris Topless Black and White Hotness Part Deux


We saw some of this ridiculously hot Chris Shintani photo set of Jehane Gigi Paris a little while back. But hot topless bodies with outstanding curb appeal require we drill down to find every instance of such visual wonderment, hence, part deux of an extended look at this anatomically inspiring series.

You know I've falling head over heels with every inch of this French model turned part-time Hollywood vixen. Jehane Gigi Paris has that very special 'it girl' quality that has me looking at it for about an hour here now nonstop. It's hard to describe the feelings of special racing through my neural network at this precise moment. If I was a droid, I'd be sparking and smoking. Jehane, you nourish both man and machine with your stellar fineries. Please, we need more. Much much more. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens, Audrina Patridge, Bella Thorne Highlight the Hotness at the Young Hollywood Awards

I'm not really sure what the Young Hollywood Awards are about, only that it seemed like most of the guests were not all that terribly young. Okay, in their 20's mostly, but considering the categories were kiddy stuff such as Best Onscreen Kiss and Favorite Bromance, I'm thinking it was geared toward a much younger audience. But, stupid silly award shows aside, the hotties showed up to walk the red carpet. Young Hollywood past and present such as Vanessa Hudgens who looks better than ever before if I might say, Audrina Patridge who I understand is newly single and ever bikini hot, Bella Thorne, the darling ingenue of Hollywood, Jessica Lowndes, underrated body faptastic, and several more.

When you have an awards show at the end of July, you're not expecting super amounts of attention. Which is perhaps why we didn't get as much leg and skin as we get at the bigger shows. Still, I'm never looking a gift horse in the mouth, especially one with pretty pucker like Vanessa Hudgens. Enjoy.

Kylie Minogue Bikini Teasy Cutie for GQ Italy

I've wanted to have biblical relations with Kylie Minogue since before I'm sure I even knew what that entailed. Something inside my genetic programming just told me it was a good thing, and with Kylie, a potentially great thing that ought to be done. All these years later, reality has yet to catch up with the DNA dreams, but I still lust heartily for Kylie Minogue, a faptastic and forty girl most undoubtedly.

Kylie just keeps on ticking with cheeky hotness, including her bare arse cheeks in this GQ Italia magazine spread that shows why the veteran hotties have so much to teach the youngsters of today. Like the long slow tease. Oh, baby, Kylie has been working that for decades now. It's not always about squatting on an inflatable penis and yelling curse words. Sometimes, it's a little cocktail dress, or a bikini in a stylish Italian magazine spread with a killer smile. Kylie, please, teach us all. Start with me. I've been a very bad boy. Enjoy.

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