Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Reveal the Ginger Booty Cometh, A Starlet Is Born

Bella Thorne, the prime starlet of ginger goodness in Tinsel Town, celebrated her big invite to the Joel Silver Memorial Day Malibu beach house extravaganza by frolicking along the shores line in a tight white bikini bottom that highlighted her rising celebrity derriere and a bikini top that did much the same for her beautiful red headed front side. At some point Bella’s either going to turn eighteen or her stage parents are going to admit she’s really twenty-five, but we’ll be able to take off the gentleman ogler blinders completely and discuss and devour thusly.

Until such time I can only reiterate that Bella has one helluva good future in front of her and one mightily successful behind behind her. Oops. That begin is rather snug. So shoot me. Just not with bullets please. Mixed margaritas preferred. Well done, Bella. You are a credit to your name. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Rumer Willis Bikini Hotness And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Rumer Willis shows off her bikini body. I guess all that ballroom dancing helps. (Drunken Stepfather)

Samantha Busch is my new favorite MILF. (TMZ)

Kylie Jenner lets her cleavage hang out at Monaco Gran Prix. (Huffington Post)

Kate Beckinsale‘s legs and bra are on full display. (Popoholic)

Leighton Meester‘s bikinied bottom is a wonderful thing. (The Superficial)

Iggy Azalea‘s sexy booty in the form of gifs! (COED)

Bradley Cooper gets to bang Irina Shayk. Not fair. (The Chive)

Ana Cheri Red Hot Bikini Bottoms In Sin City Candids

Playboy Playmate Ana Cheri took herself and her righteously compelling bikini body to Las Vegas to show off by one of the many fine hotel pools where only the finest bodies are allowed, or at least get lounge chairs or something like that. Ana Cheri wouldn’t have trouble getting the list sip of water from a man wandering in the desert for weeks, not with that outstandingly hot bikini body of hers, highlighted in her bright red suit, her funbags and booty forming the perfect set of suntanning curves.

For all we do see of Playboy Playmates in the magazines, it’s actually more rare that we see them lounging publicly in their own time. Whatever you think of the glossy finish of the periodical photos, you can double down on in passion inducement with the untouched candids of girls like Ana in racktastic bikinis. I’m feeling the bunny love this very moment. Now, it might be time to mate like one. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Alessia Tedeschi Green Thong Bikini In Miami Thumper Show

The Italians are coming! The Italians are coming! Model and TV thespianic and rumored new Ronaldo girlfriend from the boot, Alessia Tedeschi, was flashing her superior thong asstastic along Miami Beach just to represent the hottest cheeks of the Roman Empire and remind everybody in Miami that the hottest bikini body competition remains completely wide open. One day you’re on top, the next day there’s an even finer female form in a thong on top of you. That is only my best dream ever.

Alessia is sharing shows of her sextastic in a bikini that you only wear when you know it’s going to burst some hearts and pop some eyeballs along the beach. This isn’t a tester suit for a novice, this is a thing for a woman who’s seen ten thousand leers upon her hind-side and knows exactly how booty awesome she is. I find that confidence to be incredibly alluring. I wish I could get close enough to tell Alessia this very same thing, while gently caressing her thumper to drive home the point. I have trouble jumping steps. Enjoy
Photo Credit: Splash

Keeley Hazell Butt-Justs Her Baywatch Swimsuit Bottoms

Talk about a comeback. I had lost track of former Britty glamour model, well, former glamour model, still quite Britty, Keeley Hazell. A woman who dazzled with the bare boobtastic for several years almost like nobody ever before her. She was a queen among funbag royalty. Then, she quit it all to go legit, whatever that means, given as how I find sharing your bare sweet’ums to be the height of legitimate benevolence. Nevertheless, she took a turn at acting and commercial activities where her clothes stayed on, which left her off our radar for some time. Now, here is the lust inducing Keeley shooting on the beach in a super tight and apparently riding Baywatch style swimsuit.

I’m not sure what this shoot is for precisely, but I do know that Keeley’s swimsuit seems to be riding into her cheeks rather significantly requiring an experienced ‘pull man’ to ease her discomfort. I’ve been pulling to Keeley for years now quite informally. It’s time they allowed me on set to provide the service on a more practical manner. There’s no reason why a beautiful woman should have ever to tug her own thong out of her nether regions. Please, allow me. I have naturally warm hands with finger tips I had surgically implanted with crushed velvet. Trust me, you will never pull your panties out of your ass again. I can be there in ten minutes by helicopter, just say the word. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Rebecca Louise Topless Piercings Flitting About Her Boudoir

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P Magazine continues with it’s memorably line of naturally shot models in their own boudoirs with this visually simply sextastic peek at Rebeeca Louise and her pierced nipples rolling through the sheets of the bed in her apartment. If you’ve ever wondered how to make claustrophobic over priced New York apartments look desirable, just have a ridiculously hot model like Rebecca Louise toss and turn and roll and preen quite undressed across the bed.

If you think about it, a bed, a fridge, and a loo is about all you need to be happy in home life. That presumes of course that Rebecca Louise tossing about nekkid in the bed is part of the equation. In that case, I don’t really even need the fridge. There will be no energy left to eat. I’ll take intravenous Gatorade on a drip from the roof top as I use powerful magnets to keep Rebecca’s perfect funbags never more than a hint away from me. I always plan ahead, with science. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chi Yan For P Magazine

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Tatiana Eriksen Oiled Up Booty Cheeks For Water Sales In Malibu

Who, Daddy. Oiled up asstastic on the beach always causes my heart to skip a beat. That’s perhaps also a reaction to my doughnuts only diet I’ve been on the for three weeks. It’s working. Tatiana Eriksen took a new approach to the bottled water company parade of beach hotties by way of her backside leading the show. And what a heck of a derriere it is.

Not that Tatiana isn’t glowing with all over curves, but when a booty rises to the level of seven wonders of the world, it deserves some kind of special historical landmark status, if not a tourism trade of it’s own. I’d call first but I’m surely not, still there seems to be plenty of Tatiana Eriksen bikini beach thumper to go around. Just kidding, I’ll cut you if you get your hand in there. I’m very possessive when it comes to the fine arts. Well done, T.E., you’re flexibility is a perfect match to your heavenly shiny bottom. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet