Free the Nipple Indeed! Lina Esco, Lola Kirke and More Topless Screencaps from the Most Important Movie Ever

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I’m not sure if you’re aware, but a movie about perhaps the most important social injustice ever just came out across many digital movie outlets. Free the Nipple. It’s a scripted pseudo documentary style feature about a few girls, a few boobs, and the right for women to bare their teats in public in New York City. I really can’t remember if that’s not already legal or not, I just know the protest marches are groovy. So if it already is legal, I hope nobody tells the hot girls.

Lina Esco, Lola Kirke and a cast of other topless thespianics bare their bazoongas in a crazy day and night of urban peaceful protests. I think this says something important about women’s rights, although I might be willing to forgo said right on behalf of women if it meant dude joggers also had to put their shirts back on. Yes, sir, I get it, you’re in good shape, can’t you just print Super Hot Dude on your t-shirt and keep it on. It’d be more humble.

Every now and again a movie comes along that will change your life and or just give you a solid guilt-free woody. Free the Nipple is that movie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free the Nipple

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Paris Hilton Braless and Poking in Cannes at NRJ Awards Red Carpet

Billionaire Barbie knows one of the secrets to success is skipping the undergarments. I don’t care what your mother told you, clean underwear is no way to sell yourself as a dirty girl. Well, a naughty jet-setting heiress at least. Although it is quite possible Paris learned the commando tips from her mom. It’s all in the book she’s writing on how to raise daughters.

Paris was in the South of France accepting an award for being the top DJ in the microcosm of the European disco party scene. So, I think it was her versus the guys from Night at the Roxbury and some guy named Claude. She won and celebrated by showing up to the event without a bra, looking might fine in her red designer gown. I can never fault Billionaire Barbie for not having a good time. She seems to be delighting in her life more than many of her sad sack heiress and rich girl peers. For that, and for showing off her Hilton twin set, I give her credit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GSI / FameFlyNet

Kayla Swift 138 Bikini Wet T-Shirt Shoot

Kayla Swift used her prodigious jugs to sell really expensive water in this photoshoot for 138 Water. This young lady has been blessed by the good Lord with a magnificent pair of ta-tas. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was damp with the priceless H2O. The coldness of the day made her nipples stand at attention. She also has quite a fantastic booty. I’d like to wear it as a hat. I really like this 138 Water campaign. I’m not entirely sure what hot chicks and boobs has to do with proper hydration but it works. The reason it does is because boobs make anything better. That is a scientific fact.

I want to frolic on the beach with her in her wet t-shirt. Maybe riding on horses. Yeah, like in the Black Stallion.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Pamela Anderson Boobs And Amber Rose See-Through Skirt At Rolling Stones Exhibition Opening

In the annals of boob history there have perhaps been no funbags of the magnitude of Pamela Anderson. She and Amber Rose were turning heads at a Rolling Stones exhibit opening. Pam Anderson’s boobs have only gotten better like wine. They are the Platonic form of the perfect breast. I mean, just look at them. I remember going to the theater in the mid-90′s to see Barbed Wire starring Pam. Was it a good movie? No. Did I enjoy seeing her boobage 20 feet tall. But it wasn’t all the Pamela boob show. Amber Rose was sporting a see-through skirt. Holy mother of sweet cheeks she’s got a fine behind. She had on a nice thong on and she was showing more whale tail than a whaling expedition.

I wish that I had been there. Why don’t I ever get invited to these kinds of parties? I’m cool….aren’t I?

Photo Credit: Splash News

Gillian Jacobs Shines in Flare Magazine, A Late Sunday Treat

I’m something of a closet Gillian Jacobs fan. I’m not ashamed. Quite the opposite. Something about Gillian and her sweet girl allure leaves me wise enough to hide in the closet when viewing her photos. It’s a matter of public decorum really. Just check out Gillian in these new sextastic pics from Flare magazine. Certainly nothing racy, but if you’re the closeted fan like me, you know exactly how passion inducing these classy photos can be.

There’s no reason for girls to take all their clothes off to attract the opposite sex. I mean, it definitely helps and I’m fleeing this planet in my rocket ship the minute that stops happening, but a girl like Gillian Jacobs can throw those pheromones out there well enough even when overly dressed. Beside, a real man loves a little work. Not a lot of work, that’s a dumb man. Just a little work, that’s real. Gillian, you could give a little more maybe next time, I’m just suggesting. If you disagree, feel free to call me and berate me over the phone. I have one with me here in the closet. And a sock to chew on. Bess your fine deeds. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flare Magazine

Pamela Anderson in Stockings and Garters for Splendid Christmas Love

The Love magazine Advent Video calendar rolls on into it’s something or other day of bring sextastic celebrities to life in video Yuletide form. Though the Christmas connection can be somewhat tenuous, like Pamela Anderson in revealing lingerie in this black and white exhibitionist series.

What can be said of Pamela Anderson that hasn’t already been said? Well, she keeps herself in mighty fine shape for a now 47-year old quarter century long stellar blonde bombshell. I’m not sure all the original parts are still there, but I am quite sure the parts that remain are well worthy of stockings and garters and suspenders and see-through bras. Hot moms come in all shapes and sizes, but just one flavor — Must Have. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Jodie Gasson Strips Topless Out Of Her Brown Bodysuit



Hello Friday afternoon. Yep, I’m yabba dabba doo looking right at you. Oh, the trouble I shall get into this weekend. In between getting my picture taken with a mall santa and knitting stockings for the mantle, I will be out of control! But, if you’re like me, nothing soothes those male primal urges like the sight of the heavenly bosomy Jodie Gasson stripping out of her bodysuit for scrumptious udder goodness.

As you know, science and my own intuition have proven that hot lady tubes are the only known means of creating peace on earth and just a touch of goodwill to men. Nobody can be angry when motorboating a fluffy set of mam pies. It’s simply not possible. Proving this statement is my life’s endeavor. One I’m proud to share with you, well, with you and the wicked sextastic Jodie Gasson, with a lean toward more Jodie and less you, if I’m being totally honest. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Jodie Gasson

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