Jennifer Flavin Nearly Spilling Out of Her Bikini Top in the South of Hot Mamas

Okay, it was France. Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone and family (older daughter coming to Egotastic! soon) hit the yacht in the South of France for a little summer vacation fun time and Jennifer, definitely in the Forty and Faptastic Club, nearly lost her ample bosom out of her tiny bikini top as she bent forward to... well, to show off her ample bosom. If you got it, flaunt it, baby.

Jennifer Flavin doesn't get much notoriety these days, outside of the occasional appearance with her celebrity husband. But make no mistake, she was a thing, and she still is a thing, very much on her own model goodness. Being a mom to three teenage girls has only made her more savvy and playful. She's the queen of the brood and she's showing off her regal assets. I get that. I mean, I want to get that badly. Good work, Jennifer. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Rump Hot Enough to Fry Eggs and Cajones

I really can't think of a more inspiring sight than Michelle Lewin and her oiled down magical thumper on the beach in Miami. I was going to say something like the Statue of Liberty or similarly powerful symbols, but they all still come in second place for me to the super fine arse and all over hot bikini body of the Venezuelan fitness model.

Michelle Lewin's freckles alone drive me to the brink of insanity. You know how badly I want to connect those dots and see where they lead me? Perhaps a little bit dangerous on a woman that could squat thrust me into the next county, but oh, the smile I'd have on my face as I was flying through the air. Michelle Lewin, you are booty baring treat for the ages. Enjoy.

Toni Garrn Topless Bikini Candids Off The Port Bow in Ibiza


Are you like me? Do you catch yourself saying, hmm, I wonder what Leo DiCaprio's current model girlfriend's funbags look like without her bikini top on. Well, wonder no more, curious traveler. For today we have a perfect peek at the au natural lovely peaks of Toni Garrn, the German hot model Leo is currently, um, dating.

Toni has been cruising around the Riviera the past couple of weeks with her karate kicking boyfriend on, naturally, a big cool yacht, and taking in some sun. It's nice to see some ladies in the world not scared to death of Mother Sun and her Vitamin-D producing rays of goodness. So much so that Toni decided her special little puppies needed a little warm love. So, if you were wondering what Toni looked like topless. You have your answer -- picture perfect. Enjoy.

Eva Herzigova, the Original Czech Supermodel, Swimsuit Hot in Sardinia

Eva Herzigova is one of the original cast members of the supermodel ladies club from the 90's, the gals who broke all the rules, made small fortunes, and covered every single magazine possible in the world. I'm not sure about that breaking all the rules part, but she certainly paved the way for so many wicked hot Czech models in her wake. And she's still going strong.

Like so many people not named myself, Eva is vacationing this summer at some fun beach place in Italy, taking up a little beach volleyball with the family, and looking might still super swell doing so. She still has the slender, au natural frame that made her the coveted prize of every major designer, not to mention young men like myself who imagined her strutting a more personal catwalk. Forty and faptastic isn't just a club, it's an admission of veteran hotness. Eva is definitely in the club. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Wearing Tight Shorts Out In Studio City

Actress and professional hottie Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing tight short shorts in Studio City. She tried to cover up her face with whatever horrible green concoction she was drinking but her amazing body was in full view. As is her habit she was wearing some very short and tight shorts. There is a bit of the toe of the camel, the shorts riding up just right to show off the contours of her lady area. She was also wearing a crop top shirt which showed off her incredible bare midriff. Of all the bare midriffs we talk about here on Egotastic, her's might be my favorite. Not only is it toned and flat, she also always wears a belly button ring. For some reason I find that incredibly sexy.

I don't know what's in those green drinks but if whatever is in it is what helps her stay in such redonkulously good shape, may I offer to buy a round.

Leah Wright Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Spain

British reality star Leah Wright showed off her mammoth crown jewels while on vacation in Spain. Leah wore a tiny white bikini that was inadequate to completely cover her gargantuan funbags. Seriously, these things are glorious. They are the kind of boobs that you can't help but stare at because of their sheer magnitude. Leah is in great shape with curves in all the right places but tight where it needs to be. Her outfit also had a body chain which I have always found incredible sexy. Maybe it's because it reminds me of Princess Leia's slave outfit from Return of the Jedi. I'm not sure. What I do know is that I'm going to subscribe to BBC America so I can watch this Towie show that Leah is on. If there is any chance she'll be wearing a bikini again, I don't want to miss it.

You have to love British reality TV. Unlike our shows about toofless hillbillies, their shows are usually about hot people the way the good Lord intended.

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