Beyonce Cleavage Will Travel

Beyonce is back one-hundred percent in the game of exhibition, which is where she belongs, because this MILLF has a fifteen year track record now of one of the curviest, most bodacious bodies in pop music. She may not always lead the way in terms of in your face show-off raunch skills, but she has always been head of the class in swell hourglass curves that her peers find hard to match, certainly without artificial enhancements to the tops and bottoms.

Beyonce’s latest and greatest bit of look at me now involves her cleavetastic vacation photos. She’s somewhere tropical and sharing leers of her sweet chesty melons because, dammit, that’s just what nice girls do. Not necessarily good girls, but nice girls. There is a difference, though I suppose both ultimately deserve sainthood. Keep up the good work, Beyonce. You’re gifts are intense, share them all with the world and you can be my hero. That’s a something. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beyonce

India Reynolds, Holly Peers, Sam Cooke And Courtnie Quinlan Lead the Blessed Topless Fun in the Page 3 Roundup

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We used to have these girls do battle. Now, I’ve evolved into pure peace mode where I simply want to smell the flowers, err, ogle the flowers of all of them, appreciative of British funbags in a more loving and uniting manner. Sure, the notion of girls pressing the chest flesh against one another in contest is beyond tingle inducing, and to be clear, I’m still imagining that right now, but why not a world where four amazing looking beauties with supreme racks can merely laugh and giggle and occasionally pillow fight when I ring the bell of extreme happiness? I’m not sure that’s even a real question

India Reynolds, Holly Peers, Sam Cooke, and Courtnie Quinlan were kind enough to bare their heavenly wares, two by two, eight by eight, for the pure power of passion. A more benevolent motive there never was, likely never will be. Sweet hot feel good peeks. No hidden agenda save for perhaps what lay beneath the belt. This is what I mean by an all-over smile. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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Rumer Willis vs Sky Ferreira Battle of the Legs in Los Angeles

Neither of these two ladies were out yesterday showing off much skin in the traditional sense, but oh how Uncle Bill does like his legs. Rumer Willis naturally has been on DWTS and working out therein, perfecting the tone and shape of her gams in a professional setting. She threw in some shapely outline of her lady parts in tight shorts just for the added pot of gold once you reached the apex of her legs.

Young Sky Ferreira is an artist, a serious young singer, so she’s going to go a little casual Euro with a short revealing leather miniskirt baring some sweet stems that are sure to give the leg man every ounce of shudder he can muster. Nothing obvious or outrageous, just a nice bit of young woman, short skirt, nice legs, in a somewhat unexpected ogle.  Personally, I’ll take both. Four leg lockdown sounds dandy. I’ll bring the silken ropes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Kelly Gale Bikinis For Calzedonia Swimwear

Swedish hottie Kelly Gale showed off her dynamite body for Calzedonia Swimwear and good Lord is it sexy. Kelly has a tremendous pair of funbags that are spilling out all over the bikini tops. There is plenty of cleavage and sideboob to go around. Kelly is in ridiculous shape. Just look at the muscle definition of her abdomen in the picture where she’s sporting a blue bikini. Glorious. But it’s not just her boobage and stomach that are works of art. Her booty is spectacular. I would personally like to give that thing a squeeze. But one must resist those urges. That’s how fools get arrested. My favorite is the orangey looking bikini because it shows off the most top boob. I am a big fan of top boob. If I could host my own TV show it would be called Top Boob and just be pictures and video of hot women’s top boob.

Consider this a pitch. I’m pretty sure that it could work. Both men and women enjoy a good pair of boobs. That is a fact of science, my friends.

Photo Credit: Calzedonia Beachwear

Nicole Trunfio Wears A Tiny Bikini On Bondi Beach

Aussie model Nicole Trunfio was sporting a teeny tiny bikini on Bondi beach in Australia. Nicole has a solid rack that could barely be contained within the meager fabric of the bikini top. The resulting cleav and sideboob are a thing of beauty. Nicole has the kind of ta-tas that you could motorboat till dawn and then take out for a big waffle breakfast. As if this feast of boobage wasn’t enough, there is also how incredible her booty looked in the string bikini bottom. She’s got a nice shapely thumper that is round without being too big for her frame. She’s in really good shape. Just look at the cut of the top of her crotchecological area as it disappears into her bikini bottom. This is an underrated part of the female anatomy.

Well, I appreciate it. There are few parts of the female anatomy that I don’t find sexy when done right.

Photo Credit: Splash

Erin Heatherton Candid Bikini Beach Time Down Under, Way Down Under

Where does a Victoria’s Secret model go when she wants to get away from it all and just soak up some sun completely unprepped and un-madeup? Australia seems like a popular spot. That’s where Windy City borne Erin Heatherton sought a little beach time with just her bikini body and mother sun. Okay, also, our telescopic lenses. We can’t sleep just knowing hot blonde models are out there on the beach potentially being not photographed. If a hottie shows off her body on the beach and nobody sees it, did it really even happen? A question for the ages.

Erin went through that whirlwind press cycle when she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, whatever that may mean. Then things kind of died down and she’s back to being an occasionally working sextastic blonde. That must be relaxing. I know I feel my tension slipping away just leering at her. This symbiosis only works if we all tango together. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

AnnaLynne McCord Nipple Peek Wardrobe Malfunction Dining Out in Hollywood

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We haven’t seen the quite mesmerizing AnnaLynne McCord in some time around here, so what a pleasant surprise for her to make a strong comeback aided by her bare nipple peek inside her braless top. Braless is the new chic style in Hollywood, though the lithesome CW hottie has always eschewed the undergarments since we first started following her. The subject of many a nip slip and lip slip in the past. I can certainly respect a sextastic woman who rolls commando. In fact, I can respect her more than her peers who do not. It’s simply a more efficient manner of dressing.

AnnaLynne wasn’t headed anywhere particularly special, but out to dinner. Why not share some of your blessed hot body and bare boobtastic peeps with those of us who had to dine at Jack in the Box but still wanted a show with our meal. Humdingers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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