Rita Ora Goes Full Raunch in Moscow Performance

Back in the Soviet days, it used to be huge when a Western rock band got permission to go play in Moscow and the world would come together for just one moment in the love of rock and roll. Now it's Rita Ora flashing her can in riding up leotards on stage for everybody to understand the precise source of pop music fandom. I know, so much better now.

Rita took the stage and worked on pushing every single of her worked out body parts into stage forward to make sure the camera and the crowd got a healthy dose of booty and crotch and boobtastc and everything in between. It's probably not as shocking to Russian audiences given that their little principate has become the center of world adult content production and distribution since the fall of the USSR, but I'm sure they appreciate a hot woman with a nice body shaking her rump nonetheless. Pazhalooysta. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Leggy In A Slinky Black Dress

Ah, Alessandra Ambrosio. Does your hotness know no bounds? Every day that pics of Alessandra comes across my desk is just a little bit better. Alessandra wore a short black dress with see-through panels. It's really short so you get a good view of those incredible legs. Among the legs of the world Alessandra's stems stand , (tee hee), above the rest. I wonder if she just wakes up in the morning, has some birdies help her dress, and just automatically looks that sexy or does it take work? No girl I know looks great right out of bed. They have to spend at least an hour getting ready and they are in no way even close to looking like Alessandra. Some people just win at life.

All I want for Chanukah is Alessandra under my menorah. That and some chocolate gelt.

Australia’s Next Top Model Beach Bikini Photoshoot in Sydney

The contestants of this season's Australia's Next Top Model were spotted in a photoshoot for the show on a beach down under. The girls all wore simple black bikinis that best showed off their assets. The ladies are for the most part of the super skinny model variety. But their funbags came in various different sizes and shapes. Much like a precious snowflake, no two boobies are created alike. That's why it can sometimes be hard to judge them side by side. What I do know is that Australia is a place I want to visit. Not so much for the kangaroos and whatnot as the fact that they produce some truly hot women. Seriously, they are an attractive people. Well, at least the girls are.

I wonder if there is a way I can watch this show? Is there an Australia channel? It would probably play this show and Crocodile Dundee on a loop.

Ariana Grande Healthy Cleavage Makes a Surprise Appearance in Concert

Ariana Grande already has me hooked on her non-musical talents, now she goes and introduces some lovely eye popping cleavage to her stage show. Don't think this was done unintentionally. A little snip and adjustment here and there and suddenly the minxy feline hottie has several glorious inches of chest showing on stage out of her almost similar top. Some of the smallest things in life really can make the biggest difference.

Ariana made her stellar cleavetastic introduction at the We Can Survive concert in Los Angeles, along with her fellow pop stars showing off her bodily and entertaining talents for the good cause of fighting breast cancer. Which makes even more sense contextually for bringing about the exhibition of her glorious mams. It certainly made me want to donate to the benevolent cause near and dear to my heart. Good show, Ariana. Enjoy.

Nataly Garcia Topless Natural Hotness for Native Brazilian Glory


Naturally, there are Native Americans in every single one of the North and South American continent countries, including Brazil which boasts a large native population dating back to before the time the big ships came from the east. Native hotness, that's really a thing, a really wonderful thing, evidenced today by Brazilian model Nataly Garcia in this Into the Wild outdoor pictorial from Dani Botelho.

Seeing Nataly and her impressively natural topless beauty remind me once again that the sextastic lives and breathes and smells like lilac mixed with a hint of vanilla in every single corner and cranny of this blessed planet. Even in some of the less blessed parts. I love seeing crazy alluring women out in nature. I mean, from behind a window or screen door so I don't get bug bites, but all the same, still so wonderfully appealing. Enjoy.

Rocio Guirao Diaz Hot Blonde Braless Lingerie Pimping

Oh, how I love my Sudamericana lingerie models, with a special node to Argentiean hottie Rocio Guirao Diaz who has been stunning my frontal lobes with visual wonderment for several years now. This fair haired Latina beauty seems to work for just about every lingerie company south of the equator, including Pink Crush, which is a name I just happen to love just by how it sounds.

Rocio has the girl next door quality mixed with the fact that if this girl lived next door to you for real, her boyfriend who dead lifts 600 lbs would probably come by regularly to threaten you for staring at her through the window with binoculars. Thankfully, guys with 30 inch biceps tend not to run super fast. Rocio, you are one sextastic braless babe. You keep on modeling, I'll keep on watching for free and writing you love letters in Crayola Magenta, the choice of stalkers everywhere. Enjoy.

Lily Aldridge Brunette Brutally Hot Lingerie Catalog Pimping for V.S.

Lily Aldridge really does deserve far more praise as a world class hottie. I've loved her since before even reading stories about how she she-banged her new husband from Kings of Leon so frequently and severely, the band had to cancel a month worth of tour dates while he recovered from extreme groin chaffing. That is one helluva resume builder as far a wife and girlfriends go.

Featured in the current edition of the Victoria's Secret magazine, Lily shows why she's hardly a slouch when it comes to pimping the bras and panties and other frilly lacy things that you would want to rip off her with your bare teeth within two seconds of having the chance. I'm not sure you can return the merch with your bicuspid marks in them, but you probably won't care at that point. She's ever so incredibly sextastic. Well done, Lily. Enjoy.