Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Barely Covered Sweet Body Shots for Lui

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may never get nekkid again, at least not until her boyfriend stops supervising her every move through his telescopic lenses and arm bars, but she sure will get super hot and nearly nekkid as in this inspired front and backside bit of goodness from Lui magazine.

Rosie is simply one of the finest looking damsels on this planet, and even without being fully rack bare, the statuesque blonde Britty hottie manages to create tingles with her body that nary a supermodel can match. That tight little booty on Rosie along could launch a thousand ships, or just one titanic boner. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. Someday, Jason will take a nap or go away for a weekend and perhaps we’ll see Rosie in all her splendor once more, until now, just revel in her skin reveals and one heavenly bit of sextastic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

Big Brother Poland Soapy Topless Shower Time, Prepare To Get Dirty

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As you know from my repetitive mini-rants, reality television is far better overseas due to the simple fact that most countries outside of the U.S. allow some levels of nudity on broadcast television. I know, it’s a wonder those nations haven’t exploded in a massive ball of fire and brimstone and Sodomitic confetti. Nevertheless, craptastic reality show plus super plentiful boobtastic bare and soapy often, equals more than palatable television fare.

Take for instance the current edition of Big Brother in Poland. I mean, take it, it’s awesome. The bevy of Polski beauties frequenting the showers and changing rooms and pretending not to notice the cameras mounted on the walls is pretty breathtaking. It also happens to be my locker room dream since I was a wee lad. Oops, you dropped the soap. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Big Brother Poland

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Jehane Gigi Paris Models Bikinis For You To Buy Or Merely Window Ogle

I’ve been in deep dark and wanton lust for Jehane Gigi Paris since the moment our eyes locked, well, since my eyes locked on her body and she felt something was wrong in the Force. The point is, she’s a looker of extraordinary proportions, a hot French model with nothing but talent in the boobtastic and hot body skills department. Her climb to fame is inevitable, though she’ll always be the sweet young European model trying to get Interpol to track me that I first fell for.

Featured in this Agaci swimsuit pimping catalog pictorial, Jehane shows her skills in one of the fundamental sports of models, showing off the hot summer swimsuits. Jehane’s done far more lively and showy photoshoots before, but these smoking hot basic bikini poses are where you make bones. Also, where many men… never mind. The point is, Jehane has the equipment to make it to the top. I should know, I’ve been staring nonstop at her equipment for hours now. Just so hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Agaci Swimwear

Ali Larter Wears A Yellow Bikini Top On The Beach In Malibu

Actress and all around hot person Ali Larter was spotted on the beach in Malibu in a tiny yellow bikini top. Ali has got herself an amazing set of lady mounds. They can barely be contained in the bikini top and there is ample sideboob to be had. I remember back in the day when Heroes was on I would tune in to watch her and Hayden Panettiere. And it’s no secret why. Ali is freakin’ hot, y’all. Like not by a little but on a seriously intense level. Ali also did one of my favorite things which is wear what looks like a man’s style shirt but open to show her ta-tas. Is there anything sexier, besides lingerie, than a woman wearing a man’s shirt. It implies that she put it on after a vigorous night of doing it.

I should rewatch Heroes and get my Ali fix. Too bad there is no nudity on network TV. If Heroes would have been on HBO then we would have had something.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Allie Mason Bounces Out Of Her Bikini

The delectable Allie Mason used her considerable assets to sell storied beverage brand and purveyors of pics of half-naked women 138 Water. To say that Allie has an ample bosom would be a gross understatement. She has a truly righteous pair of funbags. Her boobs are so big that handling them might give you carpal tunnel in your wrist but it would totally be worth it. There is sideboob and cleav galore in these pics. As if that wasn’t enough, Allie had herself a good ‘ol fashioned nip slip. Her perky nips peeked out of her top with all the bouncing around she was doing. In addition to all things boobtacular, Allie also had her incredible booty out in a thong bikini bottom. Her booty is truly spectacular. I bet when she sits in the sand she leaves the perfect imprint of a heart.

I love 138 Water. Not because I drink it but because they provide us with sexy pics of scantily clad women almost every day.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Dani Thorne Cleavy In A Bikini for Thorne Family Body Shows Continued

Dani Thorne, older sister of Bella Thorne, books herself some fine two piece gigs as well, including this Triangle Swimswear pimptastic spread.

Before there was Bella, older sisters Dani and Kaili were working their own magic for the cameras, something both twenty-something sisters continue to do still. When you have a Thorne girl body, you’re going to be wanted and adored. Especially bikini shoots. This in spite of the fact that none of the sisters look exactly sunshine and tan ready. No, the reds tend not to get brown in the UVs, just various shades of ‘does she need medical assistance?’. Ah, Anglican genetics, such a mixed blessing. As for you, Dani Thorne, excellent work. We’d love to see more of you wearing less. It’s our motto and you’ve got the tools to back it up. Onto bigger and better things. Thorne sisters, ho! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Triangle Swimwear

Big Brother Winner Paula Gonzalez Topless Behind The Scenes For Interviu Magazine (VIDEO)

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Paula Gonzalez won herself the most recent season of Big Brother Spain which you probably don’t watch, because you believe there are more important things to view. But there probably aren’t. The blondish Iberian landed herself a spot in the nation’s topical Interviu magazine including a sweet hot and en fuego photoshoot with an equally kind to the eyes look behind the scenes.

Paula is naturally sporting boxing gloves and booty baring shorts like most serious pugilists, though it’s doubtful most involved in the sweet science have a body like Paula’s, certainly not one on such stellar display. There’s no reason women can’t be athletic and ridiculously alluring. Though I will admit the allure can drop a bit when they kick your butt in every single sport. I still have nightmares of one past romantic interest, how could she bench more than me? I regret the challenge. Paula, I’d regret nothing with you. Punch men, beat me, just be there when I collapse into your bare goodness after a standing eight count. You’re in good hands, or you’re about to be. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interviu