Jodie Gasson Red Light Special Topless Striptease


British hottie Jodie Gasson shook her stuff in a topless striptease photoshoot. She started out wearing a see-through mesh top, giving you a preview of her extraordinary funbags. Then she took it off, (it is a striptease themed shoot after all), and there they were, her lovely giant naturals. At least, I think their natural. It doesn't really matter, they are great. Jodie is curvy, which I really like. My grandfather always told me that you can't trust a woman who is too skinny and doesn't have boobs or butt. These are words I live by. Jodie also has a fantastic booty to go with her jugs. If Jodie really was stripping at the local boob emporium I would spend my entire paycheck getting lap dances and hoping to motorboat those luscious ta-tas.

In the meantime, we have these pictures to indulge our Jodie related fantasies.

Maglosia Bela Sexy In Pigtails And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Maglosia Bela has been a very naughty girl. (Drunken Stepfather)

Beyonce had herself a little bit of a boob wardrobe malfunction. (Huffington Post)

Bryana Holly goes wild in these sultry safari pics. (Hollywood Tuna)

Here is Jehane "Gigi" Paris in a bikini. You're welcome. (Popoholic)

In honor of National Coffee Day, here are the bikini gals of Cowgirl Espresso. (COED)

My hometown Houston Texans cheerleaders celebrate National Hispanic Month through sexiness. (Busted Coverage)

Is it just me or is the new female Thor kinda hot? (Fox News)

Ariana Grande Hot Performance At BPM In NYC

Ariana Grande did not disappoint her fans in a hot performance in New York City. She was wearing her sexy intergalactic space cat outfit for the show. Basically it is a low cut body stocking with a see through skirt. There was quite a bit of cleav action going on, my friends. Ariana knows that the audience is eager to see as much of her ta-tas as is allowed by law. Her booty also looked amazing peeking out of her seriously short skirt. One of the reasons I like Ariana is that she rarely wears skirts that go past the top of her thighs. She can get away with it too because she's got hella nice legs. I wish every pop princess would take a cue from Ariana's playbook and purchase a see-through tiny skirt. Album sales would definitely increase.

How did I not know about this show? I would have gladly gone to ogle her instead of staying in and watching old 30 Rock episodes with my cat.

Emily Ratajkowski Red Hot Cleavage At “Gone Girl” NYC Premiere

Super sexy model and topless girl in music videos Emily Ratajkowski was looking particularly cleavtastic at the Gone Girl premiere at the New York Film Festival. She was wearing a red dress that has some seriously amazing cleav. Who can forget the first time they saw Emily's now legendary funbags in the uncensored version of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video? I certainly recall being mesmerized by her bouncing bosoms. I consider myself a bit of an expert in the boobtastic sciences and I can honestly say that Emily's chichis are in the top 3 best boobs around right now. I know some may disagree with me, but I do not come to this decision lightly and am arriving at this conclusion through years of painstaking work talking and writing about funbags every day.

Either way, I always enjoy when Emily comes up on our radar because it usually means some incredible boobage action.

Maitland Ward Dressed Up As ‘Red Sonja’ For The Long Beach Comic-Con

The ever partially clad Maitland Ward showed off her inner warrior queen when she cosplayed as Red Sonja at the Long Beach comic-con. Some of you might be too young to remember Red Sonja. She was like a female Conan the Barbarian and was played by the statuesque hottie Brigitte Neilsen. She basically wore a dark age bikini and that's what Maitland is sporting. Maitland's breastplate offers little protection as it shows off quite a bit of her cleavage and sideboob. While this wouldn't help her in battle, it is nice to look at. Maitland has a fantastic rack and luckily she likes to show it off. The bottom essentially leaves her booty hanging out of the back and just barely covers up her lady bits. I wish more hot women would cosplay as sexy women from fantasy and sci-fi. Imagine Alessandra Ambrosio or Chrissy Teigen as slave metal bikini Princess Leia.

Now that would be worth the price of admission to a comic-con and would allow all of those nerds to see a partially naked woman maybe for the only time in their lives.

Amanda Wellsh Topless Black and White Shoot For Lui Magazine


Amanda Wellsh and her fantastic ta-tas were on display in an arty topless black and white shoot for next month's Lui Magazine. She wore a variety of weird outfits that either lacked a bottom or exposed her boobies. I'm not kidding, y'all, her funbags are a sight to behold. They are perfectly round. Other boobs would get drawn into orbit around Amanda's boobs because of their perfect sphereness. Yes, I know I just invented that word. But it's the only way to describe the magnitude of her yum yums. She's also got a phenomenal booty. The kind of derriere that inspires poets to write butt related sonnets. It too is perfectly round. Amanda is really tall and skinny which gives her an elegant look even when she's totally nekkid. She's classy nekkid.

I do so enjoy a sublime pair of knockers. Isn't that what makes life worth living?

Arianny Celeste And Brittney Palmer Were All Kind Of Busty At The UFC After-Fight Party

UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer were showing more than the round numbers at the UFC after-party in Las Vegas. Arianny wore a boobtacularly cleavtastic striped dress that prominently displayed her ginormous jugs. She's seriously got the kind of rack that would inspire any man to do battle. I guess that's why she's a ring girl. Brittney had on a short dress that came down just south of her crotchecological region. She was flaunting her dynamite legs, the same ones she uses to strut around the octagon with her signs. She too had some lovely cleav for our viewing pleasure. Some might question the need for ring girls in our modern digital age. Can't people just see what round it is on a jumbotron? Anyone who thinks this way just doesn't get it.

The ring girls are as much a part of UFC history as concussions and missing teeth. Take them away and it's just two sweaty dudes beating each other up. Who wants to watch that?