Alice Goodwin Topless Pictures Prove It’s Never Too Late for a Calendar


Okay, so it’s already 2011, and perhaps part of January has already been placed in life’s rearview mirror, but if you’ve still yet to acquire your calendar of days for the current year, you could do much worse than this amazing Alice Goodwin topless calendar. Sure, you might not want to put this up at the office, or around the wife or girlfriend, or mom, or the neighbor lady who already thinks you’re a sexual deviant of some kind because of the magazines she sees coming to your house (stop spying on me and my Spanking Bear periodicals, Mrs. Mertaw!), but, you know, somewhere, secrete this puppy and refer to it every Monday, Thursday, and occasional Saturday to remind yourself the month and date and the fact that British model Alice Goodwin is utterly sextastic with a ridiculously hot pair of funbags. Enjoy.

Hot New Faces of Young Hollywood from V Magazine for the future of Egotastic!

Hot Hollywood talent isn’t made, it’s born. The upcoming ‘Discovery’ edition of V Magazine includes a photo review of some of the hot new faces of Tinsel Town, some of those you’ll be seeing on this very site in the months and years to come. We thought we’d pick out four likely suspects; a good Egotastic! fan always keeps an eye to the future. And the future looks very bright indeed. Enjoy.

Featured below in clockwise order: Andrea Riseborough, Ella Purnell, Astrid Berges, and Marielle Jaffe.

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment Tongue Teasings

We’ve had tons of requests to post Miley/Hannah sidekick, Emily Osment, and since we’re on a binge of posting leaked Miley Cyrus photos as is, might as well post the equally sassy Emily Osment sharing a little tongue and a little giggle in these candid photos (date unknown) as well. We’ll be posting much more of Emily Osment in the future I suspect, though I think racy pictures are a bit longer shot with her than Miley Cyrus. But, if I’ve learned one thing in this business (and, even that might be a stretch) it’s that you never say never when it comes to who will wind up all flashy and sexy and bare in front of a camera one day. Enjoy.

Oh, and for you fans of the leaking Miley Cyrus photos from ‘inside the closet and dressing room’, here’s another Miley amateur fashion moment:

Charlotte Church Really? Yep, Charlotte Church For Reals

It’s been a rough road for Charlotte Church, the former child singing prodigy, oh, not her music, always been a truly gifted vocalist, I mean in terms of the Egotastic! quotient. There have been the ice cream and Cap’n Crunch cereal binges a plenty (and, man, that sounds awesome right about now) and some questionably ill-fitting holiday bikinis, but, hey, the world loves a good comeback and look who’s looking rather hot these days, hey, it’s Charlotte Church in a teasy photoshoot for Esquire magazine. Not quite sure if this marks a full sextastic recovery for the now twenty-four year old singer and TV personality, but it’s certainly a wonderful start. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Fun Bags: Jenn Hoffman Twipics Topless


Well, you know we like to start our Friday off with a newsworthy pairs of celebrities boobs and this week we’re fortunate to have Jenn Hoffman, a former Apprentice contestant and OK! magazine style correspondent apparently ‘accidentally’ tweeted a self-portrait of her spectacular top (which she somewhat immediately pulled down from her Twitter account with a brief apology — apology for what?). Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! reader ‘wfb’ for the Jenn Hoffman find.)

Updated to Add: According to Egotastic! fan ‘Dan G.’ and his sources, the caption beneath the short-lived Jenn Hoffman twitpic read, ‘Thinking about your dick.” So, you know, put Jenn Hoffman up for early consideration for girlfriend of the year award.

Note: for those asking about the Patricia Heaton topless picture that was up here momentarily, it was just a bit of fun gone awry. It’s an almost certainly dummied up photo of the Everybody Loves Raymond actress but since we don’t want to be teases, here’s the counterfeit photo for your viewing pleasure:

Natalie Portman Half-Nudie in No Strings Attached (VIDEO) (with bonus happy engagement photos)


In case you haven’t seen, here’s the red-band (meaning, ‘f-word’ included) version of the trailer for the upcoming Ashton Kutcher and Hebrew School hottie Natalie Portman sexy-comedy, No Strings Attached. That’s what the kids say these days when they mean sex without the hassle of a real relationship, or, as we used to call it, sex run by guys. The movie looks promising. Natalie Portman half-naked looks even more promising. Albeit, I’m still recovering from the trauma of her recently announced engagement to some ballerina dude and the notification of her pending baby-having moment. Threw me right into a bender that sent me crashing into the family Christmas Tree and causing a small fire. Not at my own home, the neighbor’s, but let’s just assume I’m off their invite list next Yuletide. Enjoy.

Watch the Video »


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