Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures and Nipple Pokes South of the Border (Wtih Bonus Chelsea Handler Bikini Pictures)

Stressed from all the P.R. pretending about being on the receiving end of her hot leading men bone, Jennifer Aniston packed up her purple bikini and headed down to Cabo for a little rest and masturbation relaxation. As I always stated, no matter how much we kid Jennifer Aniston about always being a bridesmaid, check out these Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures; the woman has kept herself in mighty fine shape, from her omnipresent powerhouse nipple pokes to her delightful boobs and taut body. Definitely not bad for 40. Not bad at all. Enjoy.

Chelsea Handler packed some junk in her trunk and came along for the joint Mexican vacation with Jennifer Aniston. Consider these Chelsea Handler bikini pictures a bonus, depending upon your preference. Personally, despite despising her laugh-track brand of lowest common denominator comedy, I have gained a new found respect for Chelsea Handler’s talent, you know, since the sex tape.

Photo credit: Splash News

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Anne Hathaway Topless Pictures from ‘Love and Other Drugs’ (VIDEO)


(Updated 12/23/10) Sorry, folks, she be gone baby gone. Be sure to check out the Anne Hathaway archive for sweet images of the sextastic Anne Hathaway not torn asunder by The Man.

- – - – - – - – - – - -

I remember matching my three dollars with three dollars from Arvin Pooh, my third grade best friend, and sending away for a cool-ass model airplane from Highlights magazine that we were going to put together and impress the shit out of the other boys in our school. We waited and waited. The plane never arrived. I worried that some other kids would have already sent away for the same plane and beat us to the glory. I asked Arvin an annoying number of times if he had written the right address on the envelope he mailed on our behalf. He assured me he had. We waited. And waited. Two other nerds in third grade showed up at school one morning with the exact same model airplane from Highlights, fully assembled. It was quite the devastating grade school moment. Our envelope came back a few weeks later, marked return to sender, it had been misaddressed. Arvin and I were officially no longer friends.

I’ve been replaying that painful memory over and over in my head as I’ve waited ever so patiently for the re-appearance of Anne Hathaway topless pictures and the chance to be one of the first to again witness the beautiful boobs of the sexy young actress. Finally, it’s here. Love and Other Drugs, just released into the theaters, and from the multiple shots of Anne Hathaway fairytale funbags popping up in the movie, that’s not all that’s going to get released into theaters this weekend. Enjoy.

Black Friday Online Catalog Hottie Pimping O’ The Day:

Four o’clock this morning, my girlfriend and her dyslexic friend, Anna (a fortunate naming choice if you ask me) departed for Black Friday shopping madness, because, apparently, they love unruly consumer mobs, human stampedes, and women-fighting-women. Granted, that last one does sound rather appealing. Still, I begged off tagging along as I’m both agoraphobic and, you know, a man, so I got assigned online shopping responsibilities. Find something for Cousin Mae. I have no idea who Cousin Mae is, but a list is a list and womens clothing is right up my alley (kinda, sorta, not really). But I do not mind surfing some delightful female-type catalogs. Sure, there’s the obvious ones like Victoria’s Secret, but, I’m looking for something new, fresh, invigorating and off beat.

I believe I just fell in deep lust with a catalog model. Why, hello Ms. Likes-to-Change-Her-Clothes-for-the-Camera. Shall we dance the retail dance? Of course, I bought something for Cousin Mae, lingerie, that is likely to offend at least two people in this familial setting, both my girlfriend and Cousin Mae, but I do love ordering lingerie online. I feel like it’s what cavemen would’ve done all day long if they’d had the Internet. Enjoy your hella shopping day.

If you’re a dude (or a woman) in need of womens clothing, do what I do. Shop online. Nobody should have to die in a mall.

Thank God It’s Funbags: Lisa Edelstein See-Through Boobery


Thanks to Egotastic! fan ‘Tom H.’ for stepping up for T.G.I.F. with these Lisa Edelstein see-through happy happy fun times boobtastic pair of photos. Now, my highly specialized prism of all things boobacious tells me that these photos may have undergone a little TSA-style x-ray enhancement, but these are clearly the real life fantastic funbags of the House hottie. And, on a Friday, well, sometimes you need a little assist to make it over into the weekend. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Buttside Hotside

I still mostly have no idea what Adrianne Curry does besides twipic photos of her admittedly hot self all over the Interweb. Though, to be fair, if that’s your only hobby and you’ve got a sextastic butt and body like Adrianne Curry, well, that’s a laudable hobby. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice As Audrey Hepburn As My Heart Goes Pitter-Patter

Well, it’s different alright. But under the general heading of ‘anything Victoria Justice is superhot’, this certainly qualifies. Not exactly sure why Victoria Justice, one of my sweet seventeens so I’ll keep it clean, is posed as the classic classy leading lady of decades ago here in Zooey magazine, but I do know that they idea that Victoria Justice is experimenting with the camera — this can only be good news. Enjoy.