Kim Kardashian Leaves Us Jealous of Ice Cream (And Leaves Us Speechless)

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Sexy Slumdog

Freida Pinto hikes up her skirt. (Starpulse)

Amy Adams joins list of former Hooter Girl celebs. (TheFrisky)

Shakira still waka waka. (PopEater)

Drew Barrymore makes herself sexy in the bathroom. (HuffPo)

Places to dock your motorboat. (TheChive)

Lindsay Lohan goes back to doing girl-on-girl. (Celebitchy)

Miley Cyrus shows Demi Lovato her bra. (Celebuzz)

Ines Sainz Harrassed By The New York Jets, But Loved By Egotastic!

Ines Sainz, you sexy sports reporter from Mexico, how badly we want to hold you in our arms and tell you everything is going to be okay. Trust me, I feel your pain. Back in high school after gym class… I can’t even get into it. Let’s just say, towels were snapping and I still can’t eat peanuts to this day.

To be serious for a moment (just a moment), Egotastic! does not in any way condone sexual harassment of women. Adoring, imagining, enjoying, peeking, and purchasing skimpy little underthings and leaving anonymously on the front porch for, all YES. But harassing? NO. We love women. We adore women. We worship women. We do not want them to go away. We want more to come our way. So, we will continue to respectfully ogle, for example, these Ines Sainz pictures from Esquire Mexico. Nothing wrong with seeing a sexy woman and thinking to yourself, ‘Yummy’. According to the film strips I remember from Sex-Ed, that’s how we humans continue on as a species. Just don’t, you know, say ‘Yummy’ aloud, while flashing your johnson.

Miley Cyrus vs. Victoria Beckham in the Battle of Daisy Dukes and Dominatrix Boots

Like two peas in a diva pod, Miley Cyrus, forever in jean shorts (I mean, she’d wear them to explore the Arctic Circle, bless her heart and butt and legs) and Victoria Beckham, unusually laid back in denim, both the younger pop star and her Posh mentor, showing off high legs in short shorts and flashing some bad-assery leather boots with toes sure to upgrade the safe words for the S&M fetishists among us. So, who wears it better? When I stop imagining Miley Cyrus* and Victoria Beckham without clothes on, I’ll get back to you.

(* What? Miley is still seventeen? This is nonsense, she’s been seventeen for three years now. Ah, hell, put that ‘imagination’ comment on hold for two months please.)

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Malin Akerman Nipple Flash Pictures Provide Us Sexy Details


We got such good response from the Malin Akerman ‘luvs me my Malin’ fan club last week that we decided it was high time for more of this sexy funny boobtastic actress. These Malin Akerman sexy pictures from our friends at Details Magazine are just the ticket for our fill of a sexy girl, hot body, and, of course, some quite delightful nipple. Enjoy.

Check out the full skinny on Malin Akerman at Details.

Megan Fox Gives Good Tip in Sexy Armani Ad (VIDEO)

The full-length Armani ad featuring Megan Fox in various states of dress and undress is out, and, well, for a commercial, it’s definitely worth watching. I mean, if you are one of the three billion men in this world who find Megan Fox sexy. I believe I’m number 17 on that list or so. Why is Megan Fox doing commercials? Well, somebody’s got to pay for her unemployed husband. Plus, any excuse to see her fine body, ass, and boobs, well, I’m still not buying Armani, but I’m definitely watching. Enjoy.

Watch the Video »

Alison Brie Pictures in Men’s Health Make Me Feel Better Already

Give it up for Men’s Health magazine for finding time to feature the uber-underrated hottie, Alison Brie, in but a couple, but super sexy photos of the hot young actress not named January Jones or Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I suspect we’re going to see much more of this hot-bodied actress in the near future, in film, television, and what we can only hope are numerous more sexy magazine poses in various states of undress. For now, I can tell you, Alison Brie is certainly good for this man’s health. Enjoy.