Caroline Receveur Bikini Nip Slip Poolside in Miami


On the off chance you don't watch a lot of French reality TV, you may not be familiar with Caroline Receveur. I'll give you as pass on that one. But I do expect you to memorize her nipples that were exposed out of her not quite tightly fitting bikini top as she lounged poolside and inside pool in Miami soaking up some late Spring rays. I think you know my views on immigration boil down to I don't get involved in politics other than to say we need to let as many hot women from around the world who likes to show off their unfettered funbags into our country as possible. Outside of that, I'm agnostic, But about that I am quite firm, so to speak. We should never have a limit on fresh new and exciting ta-ta's. That'd be inhumane.

Caroline, I'm sorry I don't get to see you on much French television. I'm sure you're amazing. Thank you for your nipples. Enjoy.

Barbara Fialho Paws Her Own Blessedly Hot Tops for Brazilian Glory

While the world spotlight is about the focus on the grand and gloriously tanned people of Brazil and their hosting of the World Cup, us gentleman oglers have been leering Sudamericana way for years now with a higher calling in mind. The many and even more many number of crazy hot and sultry beauties and world class models exported by Brazil seemingly nearly constantly such that they may be missionaries of the sextastic.

Barbara Fialho is yet another entry in the supremely hot barrel of Brazilian model exports who we've seen once or twice around here, but never quite as ridiculously alluring as she is holding her own precious funbags in this mini-pictorial in GQ Australia shot by Gavin O'Neill. I'd like to jump right through these pages and graciously and gentlemanly ask if I might relieve Barbara of her tired hands duties. I'd be gentle and make sure my mitts were warm before engaging. Barbara, I'd so learn Portuguese for you. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Hot as Heck And Decked Out for a Manhattan Photoshoot

You know, I do prefer to see the girls on my list of go-to FWB's primarily in the buff. But, occasionally, I do allow for a lady's need to look stunning hot and sextastic all decked out and grown up. Precisely as Candice Swanepoel did for some crazy hot evening wear shoot in the Big Apple over the weekend.

Candice looks good in and out of everything, but this particular sneaky peek made it hard not to imagine taking her somewhere fancy, like one of those gourmet restaurants that instinctively knows to pretend they can't hear me when I ask if open toed sandals are allowed for the male patrons. I'd take her out nice like that, maybe rent one of those horse carriages that provide the risk of Candice and I being hospitalized for broken bones and contusions in side by side ER gurneys. That'd be pretty romantic. Especially if her painkillers kick in before mine and both of us are on wheels. Dare to dream, fantasies stoked by Candice. Enjoy.

Eliza Cummings Topless and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Nathalie Emmanuel Finally Unfurls Her Funbags on Game of Thrones and Other Topless Goodies in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


Any and all fans of Game of Thrones who call themselves my friends have been waiting breathless for a clean and epic peek at the fine chestal regions of even finer thespianic Nathalie Emmanuel, in the ring of elite hotties on the show rather filled with attractive ladies. Nathalie finally got herself a river bathing scene in last night's episode to exhibit just one wicked hot topless body that I would gladly loofah for hours in even the coolest of flowing bodies of water. Sometimes, anticipation meets satisfaction and everyone goes home happy. Bless you Game of Thrones.

Joining Nathalie in this week's Boob Tube Roundup is Naturi Naughton who has a rather revealing amount of making of the sexy scenes in the premiere episode of Power, the new 50-Cent produced show on Starz. It's about nightclubs and guns and hot girls and music. Go figure. Write what you know, as they say. In any event, thanks to Naturi it's off to a must-see kind of star. Also, a shoutout to Penny Dreadful, which is rather goth and polyamorous in its bacchanalias, but definitely is lining up to be a boobtastic revealing show of memorable proportions. All in all, the small screen absolutely dominated the big screen once again in the skintastic department. Enjoy.

V. Stiviano in Short Shorts Shopping Chanel

For those not familiar with the Chanel store, it's like Target if you add a couple zeroes to all the merchandise pricing. I once purchased some kind of silly scarf there for a girlfriend and it cost me what I will practically call, 88 pairs of tube socks. But it was worth it because we were so happy for until the following week when she told me I lacked something she liked to practically call, a real job. Such is life.

I bet V. Stiviano would be an easier girlfriend to have. Well, let's say, less complicated in arrangement. For all the taunts and jeers and mostly deserved ridicule of the 'public relations' specialist, I can't deny that if I were an elderly billionaire and a girl in these shorts and Barbie top offered to help me organized my private office, I would tell her, sounds good, come around about midnight and use the backdoor. I'd be an ethical old billionaire, though still, thinking with my little millionaire. Enjoy.

Maitland Ward Flashes Nerdastic Boobtastic as Princess Leia and LeeLoo for Comic Expo

I guess everybody's having one of these Comic-Con like expos these days. I suppose it has something to do with the San Diego version making about eighteen bazillion dollars each year as fan boys, geeks, nerd, and dudes under thirty with bifocals pack like stampeding herds to see their favorite objects d' lust, often times, not even real people. Long Beach held one of these expos this weekend and brought out Maitland Ward of former Boy Meets World fame to show off her fine veteran hottie body in the popular garb of Princess Leia from Star Wars and LeeLoo from Fifth Element.

It's not easy reprising both Carrie Fisher and Milla Jovovich in the same day, though I should say I've reprised both at the same time before in one very odd recurring dream I had during college. Nevertheless, Maitland brought both attention to detail and visual chest wonderment to her chesty roles behind both plate and tape. I'm quite certain the bespectacled wind-breaker wearing crowd was impressed. I can only imagine how many showers she took following the closing ceremonies. The slobber washes away, the sensation of fanboy tongue lasts forever. Enjoy.