Julia Pereira Looks Hot from All Angles in Her Thin Blue Bikini

I'd like to invent something like a Brazilian model Hunger Games, but instead of killing each other, maybe they just get into their bikinis and show-off or make-out or other fun activities that involve French and Latin words. Julia Pereira would definitely be chosen in my reaping, for her ability to look slender wicked hot and nipply from all angles in her teen tiny colorful bikinis. Okay, maybe less nipply from her amazing buttside view, but no less sextastic and alluring.

There's an art to looking great in bikinis candids, whilst moving about the beach, preening, prancing, and dunking in the water. It's not exactly the same as a staged bikini photoshoot. It separates the girls from the women, though I would probably put them back together if it were my party. Julia Pereira, you make me feel happy to be a man. Enjoy.

Maria Sharapova Love-Love Legs on the Court in Madrid

It's never a bad time for Maria Sharapova hot muscular legs. The tennis star routinely delivers the fine female form on the grass and clay and hard courts. I must admit to not closely following women's tennis, so I don't get to appreciate the fine stems on so many of the worthy lady volleyers. But whenever I come across Sharapova, I'm suddenly reminded why several weekends a year I do nothing but stare at these powerful ladies in short skirts screaming and grunting in the most enticing of Valkyrian manner.

Maria, you know you have an open invitation to walk all over me and time you like. Sneakers optional. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Butt Banging and Crotch Showing Tour Continues in England

Well, Miley Cyrus seems to be back to full health and exhibitionist status. After an extended recuperative stay in the hospital, Miley is back where she belongs, wagging her booty and exposing her crotch on stage to young girls and their mums who line up in droves to catch Miley in concert. Popular is popular and you can't take that away from Miley, though you could probably take away her clothes and she'd still be happy.

It's easy to mock Miley for her moves and raunchy acts, it takes more of an Egotastic man to be thankful for Miley pushing the envelope and forcing other pop divas to follow suit. Miley is making this world a much better place for us in the leering set. For that, I say thanks. And, enjoy.

Redux: Alexandra Daddario Nekkid True Detective Perfect Boobtastic in Improved Color and Squeez-a-Vision!


Well, okay, Squeez-A-Vision doesn't exist yet, but the guy who invents this technology for the web is certainly going to be a bazillionaire. We just had to share these revised pictures of Alexandra Daddario topless and otherwise full bushy frontal from what is certain to be regarded as one of the finest pieces on skin on screen performances this year in True Detective. It came out in January but rest assured come December it won't be forgotten on Top 10 lists, if not for the top prize altogether.

Alexandra Daddario is an actress of modest fame with a body and set of ridiculously hot funbags that now leave her name etched on the brain of ten million men's collective libidos. It happens that fast when you look like Alexandra and you're not afraid to share your gifts with the world. Bless you, again, Alexandra, and bless that heavenly body of yours. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Hottie Describes Herself With Her T-Shirt

Wow, it's not often you get to see one of our celebrity sextastics wearing a logo that actually has some relevance to their actual smoking visuals, but Anais Zanotti just about nails it with White Hot. Indeed. The French stunt woman and model and all-around bikini babe has taken her competitive curvy body skills to the next level, adding in some very sweet thong stylings, a little half shirt, and the ever-present water bottle for sipping or pouring over your t-shirt or whatever it takes to win the hearts and minds and other vital organs of gentleman oglers within five click radius.

Anais, my hat is off to you today, and, no, that's not my hat, but how can a man truly show his appreciation for a women of such extraordinary beach body talents by merely exposing his dome. When bikini judgement day comes, you shall be in the mix for my top prize. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff In LA

Actress and bonafide hot person Vanessa Hudgens showed off her perfect midriff after a workout in LA. The former High School Musical star tried to cover her face with her phone and purse when she spotted the photographers, but she seemed alright with displaying her lovely abs. Vanessa has a seriously well-toned stomach, which is probably what she was working on in the gym. Looking like that doesn't just happen, you know. She also dazzled pedestrians with her pierced belly button. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a belly button piercing is one of the sexiest of accessories. It's the one body piercing that I advocate every hot girl get immediately if not sooner. I like a girl that jingles when she walks. Is that weird?

I admire anyone who can stay in shape like that. It takes more will power than I have. It's just that doughnuts and pizza are too delicious.

Ellie Goulding And Her Sideboob Went To The Beach

English singer Ellie Goulding showed some major sideboob action during a beach frolic in Miami. The bathing suit she wore reminded me of the sling suit that Borat wore in his movie. It even says "Sex on the Beach" on the front which is either an homage to the drink or a suggestion for what she'd like to do that afternoon. That suit didn't slip and show off whole nip through sheer force of will. But we do get the entiree side of her funbags exposed for our viewing pleasure. Ellie is seriously sexy with her hair all wind blown and messy. It's like she brought one of those wind machines they use in photo shoots with her to the beach. As soon as I'm done writing this post I'm going to look up some of her videos. I have a fever that only more Ellie Goulding can cure.

These singer-songwriter chicks don't usually have a reputation for partying, but I bet Ellie knows how to have a good time. Why else would she show off THAT much of her ta-tas to random Miamians?