Kristy Althaus Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up Topless In New Adult Movie


There really are not adult 'movies' any more I suppose. A series of scenes. While I miss the ancient art of the full length adult erotic fare, not to mention bush, it's hard to quibble with the straight up efficiency in delivery methods of the modern adult erotic clip format. And, I guess Kristy Althaus who was stripped of her title as runner up in the Miss Teen Colorado pageant for doing a little eighteen and needing some cash adult work, has come back with volume two. I think it's called, the Return of Almost Miss Teen Colorado or something like that. There's one note to, well, note -- Kristy Althaus is extremely hot. This is one good looking young lady who has chosen the path of the dramatic moaning arts. Ring the heavenly bells.

Here's a few caps of the topless Kristy Althaus from her new video. You can also see her second adult video intro interview on WWTDD. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton Crazy Boobtastic Bikini Hot for Summer Swimwear Campaign

Genevieve Morton truly is an underrated bikini hottie. Something strange to say perhaps for a model often featured in Sports Illustrated and European swimsuit magazines, but certainly in the U.S. the South African sextastic model hasn't gained the name recognition of many of her peers. It's time for that nonsense to end.

Featured in the new Nathan Paul Summer line of swimwear, Genevieve Morton pops off the page with such a hot body nearly uncovered, I want to beg summer to start today a day early. Just so smoking hot, Genevieve. I will get your name more widely known, if I have to scream it from the top of my lungs while we make sweet passionate love in a champagne shaped hot tub. To this I commit. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Asks You, Which World Cup Country Has the Hottest Nekkid Celebrities? (VIDEO)


Well, I guess somebody had to ask and Mr. Skin was just the guy to do it. The good fine female form loving folks at Mr. Skin have put together a contest for you to check out the bare boobtastic of smoking hot ladies from 16 of the World Cup participating countries to vote on the finest. I mean, kicking a little round ball into a net is semi-significant, but having crazy hot famous women with killer bodies is tantamount to global domination.

VOTE NOW in the Mr. Skin World Cups competition, because it's completely free and checking out nekkid women from around the globe is better than whatever else you're doing. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Bikini Red Showoff Time in Barcelona

Well, you wear a red bikini, you're going to get noticed. It might be the color of stop signs, but for celebrity bikinis it's a signal to all cameras within ten kilometers to start snapping your body by the pool or ocean.

Miley Cyrus has been vacationing in Spain. Believe it or not, she does work pretty damn hard with a very rigorous travel schedule. I get jet lag just driving thirty minutes away. I bet going five hundred miles a night between concert dates night after night gets pretty intense, especially when you're exhausted from so much crotch grabbing and midget oral copulation simulation. So, Miley deserve a respite, as she took by the pool in Barcelona one of my favorite cities in the world where I don't speak the language. Miley needed no Spanish or Catalonian skills to speak the international language -- big celebrity in little bikini. And red. That's all it took for a thousand snaps. Miley, I will still respect you in the morning. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice And Her Legs Are Sexy In LA

Former Nickelodeon star and sexy person Victoria Justice looked leggariffic at the Vera Wang Vanity Fair party in LA. She had on a sparkly dress that was on the short side. The result is an eyeful of her gorgeous legs. They are seriously a sight to behold. I remember my little brother-in-law watching her on Nickelodeon years ago and thinking, "That girl is going to grow up to be hot as F". And much like a prophet of old, my prediction was fulfilled. Also I love her name. Victoria Justice. It sounds like she should be a hard-nosed prosecuting attorney by day and a vigilante exacting vengeance on the criminals of the big bad city by night. I picture a skin tight lycra bodysuit or maybe just a spandex bra and underwear. Maybe a cape. Like, think Catwoman meets Wonder Woman. Yeah.

In the meantime we can enjoy looking at her in her secret identity as a singer and actress. But I know the truth and now so do you.

Irina Shayk Flashes Legs Flagging Down a Cab in NYC

Russian model and Swimsuit Issue queen Irina Shayk was spotted looking hot in NYC. She was wearing an outfit that showed off her luscious long legs and her lovely shoulders. Like a lot of models, Irina has long legs. That much is easy and is mostly genetics. But unlike many models who have skinny chicken legs, Irina's are actually nice. More than nice, friggin' amazing. Like seriously, look at them. Stare at them like one of those trick pictures of a boat from the 90's and see the face of God or something. In addition to astounding legginess, this outfit also hugged her nice round booty as well. Again, unlike a lot of models she actually has a nice butt. My abuelo used to tell me that you can never trust a woman with a flat butt. Those are words that I live by, my friends.

I am so happy that it is scantily clad time in New York. Screw Christmastime, this is the best time of the year.

Elizabeth Laini Topless for the Love of Greek Soccer and the Return of the One Week Free on Playboy.TV!


Okay, I'm shilling Team Greece, Free Playboy.TV, and hot nekkid girls with soccer balls all in one or two paragraphs. I'm so good with all of that you wouldn't believe. As of the time of this writing, Greece is about to kick off with Japan in a second, pretty must win match in the World Cup. And to celebrate, I'm sharing pictures of the beautiful Elizabeth Laini, Playboy girl madly in love with Greek soccer and just about the best looking promoter you could ever desire.


And, naturally, a gift for you. It's going to be a long hot summer. Make it sweaty with a purpose with One Week Free Trial of Playboy.TV.  I've asked them to do this for our readers because it really is quality sextastic nekkid fun content that I want you to test out at least. You may not want it, but don't say it's not for you. It is. I know you better than your own mom, well, except for those rash issues. Enjoy.