Jo In Young And Other Hot Korean Models Do Christmas Belatedly

Following all the hullabaloo around North Korea recently, I’d like to remind everybody just how amazingly hot, awesome, and completely out of my reach so many Korean sextastic models are. Especially when they are slightly costumed up for Christmas to show their universal spirt of the season.

Jo In Young and other lovelies from the Korean peninsula got into their best red and white Santa inspired barely there costumes to give the world a taste of what the real Korea has to offer. If you’ve never visited, go. And if you can swing a hot date with an even more alluring Korean glamour model, I’d recommend that as well. Think about it as a proactive stance on your bucket list. Don’t wait until all-night making of the sexy in Seoul with gorgeous brunette seems like more of a chore than a dream come true. Enjoy.

Topless Scenes From The Interview, Take That Kim Jong Un

Topless Scenes From The Interview
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Okay, we all have to do our part to fight tyranny. My part is particularly small as I’m fairly lazy, though I prefer to call it, stoic. I do believe the movie The Interview actually came out in some theaters over Christmas, after being pulled, restored, pulled, then re-restored or something like that. Reading Sony press releases is like trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube while drinking sake bombs. The point is, what nobody noticed, the work of Diana Bang And Hazeltine Gariza who provide the topless moments in the movie. The true definition of ‘in your face’ statements.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I suspect it’s something far less memorable than the media storm surrounding it. Let us not treble the mistakes made to date by completely overlooking Diana and Hazeltine’s fine funbag work in this film. That would make the terrorists win or something horrible like that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Interview

Rhea Durham Shows Off Booty In Black And Red Bikini In Barbados

Being married to Marky Mark and making him many many babies can often leave you left in the publicity shadows. But make no mistake, former model Rhea Durham who caught the eye of the movie star in her 20′s is still looking mighty booty fine in her MILFtastic 30′s. I really do think she produced something like seventeen children in seven years time, that’s a guestimate. But seeing her bikini body on vacation in Barbados, I’m prepared to call her something of a genetic miracle.

You know how much I adore if not fetish obsess over the beauty of moms and the fecund ladies. But, baring a large brood can take it’s toll. I applaud Rhea Durham with at least one of my hands while ogling her sextastic mommy booty on the beach in Barbados. I consider this the highest form of honor. Or at least the one that suits me best. Rhea, come pick up your award when you’re back in the State. Leave your muscle punchy boy at home when you swing by, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Irina Shayk Wears Thong Leotard For Love Advent (VIDEO)

Oh, Irina Shayk, how you can move mountains with the simple shake of your booty. Let alone what you can do when you put your whole hot body into your work. The Love Magazine Advent video rolls have been something of a mixed bag this Christmas season, with perhaps some of the best saved for last in the heavenly black and white form of the Russian supermodel. Granted, these were not designed specifically for the manfolk this holiday season, so within the realm of what must be deemed artistic interpretation, you could do much worse than Irina in panties and leather bustier posing her body to and fro.

Naturally, it’s my dream to have Irina before my cameras and encourage her to make love to the lens. Then of course to the man behind the lens. Hey, it’s my dream. Get your own. Rest assured it involves Irina dancing in skimpy little bits of nothing. That booty. And a ring bell that goes off every five minutes for ice cream sandwich breaks. A man needs his fuel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Doug Inglish & Love Magazine

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Victoria Silvstedt Wears A Yellow Bikini With Jean Shorts On The Beach In Miami

Scandinavian hottie Victoria Silvstedt was showing off her Swedish meatballs in a yellow bikini in Miami. The frilly yellow fabric of the bikini top could barely contain her massive jugs. Mere Lycra cannot contain boobage of this magnitude, my friends. They are perfectly round and massive. Her ta-tas provide their own gravity and smaller boobs orbit around them. She was also wearing a pair of jean short shorts which only ups the boner factor for me. I don’t know what it is but a tiny pair of jean shorts just does it for me. I associate them with inherent naughty goings on.

Damn, Swedish women are hot. I don’t know what’s in the water in those fjords or whatever but it creates some of the hottest women on the planet. It must be all that Viking genetic material. Their ancestors looked super sexy when they pillaged your village.

Photo Credit: INF

Salma Hayek Soaks Up The Sun In A Black Bikini In France

Salma Hayek tops my list of the sexiest women in the world. That’s not hyperbole either. I have a list of babes that I think are the most boobtacular and Salma is at the top of that list. Why? Two words: massive chi-chis. Or is that three words? It doesn’t matter, either way Salma Hayek simply has the greatest pair of funbags ever to fill up a bikini. But as if that wasn’t enough she’s also got a pretty righteous booty. Maybe it’s the Latin man in me but her curves are muy caliente and they fill me dreams. I remember when I first glimpsed Salma naked in the Robert Rodriguez classic Desperado. She is doing the deed in that movie with Antonio Banderas in a long steamy sex scene. I’m going to go pop in my Desperado DVD real quick.

OK, I’m back. It’s rare that Salma comes across my desk much these days because she’s a big shot in Hollywood now and lives in Italy. But let’s just say that she just made my holiday with these bikini pics.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Heidi Klum Topless on Christmas Caribbean Bikini Making the Sexy Vacation!

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I get it. European women are much more liberal with exposing their bare funbags around the beach and pool. Yadda yadda yadda. Heidi Klum topless! We win. European rules aside, Heidi Klum is now an American TV star and model and business empire genius. She’s also a member of our Forties and Faptastic club, of which the price for admission is pictures such as these candids of Heidi in St. Barth’s hanging by the private pool quite topless with her young boy toy boyfriend (oh, let that be me next Chriatmas!).

Heidi Klum is some marvel of MILFtastic genetics, standing statuesque and blonde and epic ta-ta’s after I can’t count that high number of children and past marriages and all that. The sextastic female form abides. And without her top on, these just may be some of my favorite Heidi Klum photos ever. Damn, I think I’m going to cry, again. Where’s my wealthy hot topless cougar sugar mama to order me to coat her natural melons with SPF-50? I’m so waiting. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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