Anastasia Ashley Bikini Photoshoot Ripe With Ripped Perfect Body Shots

You can’t keep a good woman with a perfect booty down. Not to be floundered by her recent victim of theft issues, Anastasia Ashley and her stellar fine bikini body returned once more to the sandy and salty shores of Miami in another perfectly fitting bikini to flash her boobtastic and asstastic combo right in the face of her Miami Beach would be competition.

Anastasia isn’t just a talented surfer girl, she’s a top tier sextastic talent who surely must be causing many neck cranking injuries along the shore where she preens and poses and splashes and dives. It’s a happy kind of pain when it begins or ends with Anastasia in a bikini. Keep up the good work, we will be watching, as always. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Kazuki Asou Platinum Wig and Double Platinum Nekkid Body



Here’s what I’ve learned from my tour of Asia and Japan in search of Eastern sextastic celebrities — I really do like my work. I feel kind of like a poor man’s Indiana Jones uncovering treasures from around the globe. Only instead of silly artifacts or material treasures, it’s the most invaluable booty of all, that is wicked hot passion inducing women with very few clothes on. Like Japanese glamour model Kazuki Asou. Oh, yes, this is a find.

Okay, so the wig might be tipping pretty far in the cosplay anime direction, a good thing for many of you, the underlying hot bodily talents of Ms. Asou in this boudoir striptease are rather astounding. I’m not saying this is the best way to share with your children where babies come from, but it’s certainly not the worst way either. I’ve managed to find a good excuse to comb through ridiculously hot photos of Asian girls, I’m sure you can think of some excuse as well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kazuki Asou

Natasha Barnard Is Smoking Hot In A Bikini And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Behold the wonders of Natasha Barnard in tiny bikinis. (Popoholic)

Shay Mitchell‘s cleavage will melt off your face. (Drunken Stepfather)

Gisele Bundchen has quite an exceptional booty, y’all. (Hollywood Tuna)

A day without Anastasia Ashley in a bikini is a bad day. (The Superficial)

Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff give geek boners in the Acting Outlaws calendar. (COED)

Do you want to see Jenny Slate kiss Rosario Dawson? (Huffington Post)

Dave Navarro invents a guitar strap/bondage gear and it comes with a hot chick. (TMZ)

Olivia Munn Leggy in Leather for The Late Show With David Letterman

Oliva Munn, thy name is erection. Oops, I meant to just think that. But, damn, girl, Olivia Munn girl I mean, you are looking mighty nice.

Olivia Munn hit the Letterman show in leather style, a slit skirt so slit you could ogle and fancy her toned legs from up to several blocks away. Mmm, Olivia Munn in leather. It truly is a heavenly combo at least in the heaven filled with hot girls in leather where I intend to go after passing away from making the sexy with more girls than Leo Dicaprio. It could happen.

Olivia Munn has been looking rather stellar of late. It could be the NFL QB boinkings. They do seem to work magic on the ladies. I’m just happy she’s sharing the sextastic parts with the rest of us. Did I mention, Olivia Munn in leather is crazy hot? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / Splash News /

Baraba Fialho Models Underwear That’s Fun to See

Oh, how I’ve missed you super Brazilian lingerie hottie Barbara Fialho. While the competition in my world to be the hottest girl named Barbara remains surprisingly difficult, there’ no doubt that peek-a-booing Barbara Fialho in this lingerie spread for Palacio de Hierro, which my basic entry level Spanish tells me means Iron Palace. I’m not sure that’s such a sextastic title for silky underthings, but, hey, Barbara could be wearing lingerie called Don’t Touch Me Or I’ll Kill You and I’d still go in for a closer look.

Whoever first invented the idea of hot girls in panties to sell panties, well, that man or woman deserves a thank you from the entire world. If this notion had started during the kickstarter era, I might just have donated. Barbara Fialho, please, don’t change a thing. But when you inevitably do, remember to send me your worn skivvies. I dole them out to the poor and or myself each Christmas morning. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

Nadja Bender Topless Twins on Danish Delight Duty


Are you like me? Do you dig hot Danish models with a penchant for flashing their ridiculously perfect boobtastic? A silly question to ask around these parts, I know. Nadja Bender starts in the current edition of Twin magazine, which seems aptly apt for her twin set of funbags bared and all toasty warm looking for the holidays.

Nadja seems like the slender hottie who just likes to hang around the house in her blue jeans and no top on on a lazy Sunday. That’s sort of how lazy Sundays get turned into more vigorously active Sundays, but all the better. It’s quite hard to resist those alluring eyes and passion inducing lady parts especially when she starts biting on her fingers. I’m a sucker for a finger biter. It’s the international female symbol for E-ticket ride ahead. Yeah, I’m old, what of it? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twin Magazine

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Jessica Alba Green Screen Asstastic Stripper Dance for Sin City 2 Production

There’s something truly magical about these production shots of Jessica Alba crawling along the fake stripper catwalk set agains the green screen for Sin City 2. Obviously, the film itself represent a hyper-stylized animated graphics hybrid peek on Jessica and other lovely ladies in the movie, but this behind the scenes look at Jessica with her butt in the air in garters and stockings. Um, I think I just erected my own sin city if you know what I’m saying.

Jessica Alba is definitely firmly ensconced in good girl Brentwood mommy camp at this point. Her risque visual days are for the most part behind her most unfortunately. But this single moment in time, this memorable bit of skinematics, well, the ladies might try to bury the sextastic for the sanctity of MILFhood, but I can tell you from experience, it’s like trying to hide the One Ring from Sauron. Good luck. The Egotastic eye sees all. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sin City 2