Barbara Palvin Swimsuit Pimping for the Ladies, But Revving Up the Gents

In these pictures clearly meant to sell clothes to the fairer sex, you clearly see the heavenly hot Hungarian V.S. model Barbara Palvin showing exactly why models always have stories of being ‘discovered’. Of course, you can’t discover something that already exists, but you can be the one to make it into something the whole world can appreciate. Girls like Barbara don’t randomly appear on the international scene. Somebody with an eye for sextastic talent identifies her potential. Photographers advance that potential, then people like myself with small couches but large missions take it upon ourselves to make sure the rest of the world gets to meet them. Could you live a happy life without knowing Barbara Palvin? Of course you could. But why would you want to?

In this little swimsuit fashion number for L’Espirit Rive’, Barbara shows why she’s one of those small number of smoking hot women whose looks transcend themes. She’s a page stopper when I’m flipping through my lady’s magazines and catalogs, as I do every Wednesday, and occasionally, Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and non-football Sundays. Oh, Barbara, that you could step out from the pages of these photoshoots and whisper naughty things in my ear. That’s the very reason I don’t wear headphones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Le Bon Marché L’Esprit Rive

Bella Thorne Greets Fans In A Tank Top While Heading To “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Hot ginger star Bella Thorne greeted her fans in a low cut tank top while on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her ladies were pert and perky as she shook hands and took selfies with people. I’m sure more than one of them took a high angle shot to try and look down her shirt. And who can blame them? Bella has a really nice rack of perfectly shaped mounds of lady flesh. I don’t know what lucky SOB gets to manhandle those badboys but they are one lucky bastard. I sometimes lay awake at night dreaming of Bella’s fellas bouncing in front of my face. It relaxes me. We all have our ways of getting to sleep. Some people count sheep, I follow the bouncing Bellas.

I do have a thing for redheads. I like their passion and fiery spirit. That can also be a bad thing. One redhead I dated tried to run me over with a car. True story.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/Splash

Kat Torres Booty Cheeks In A Thong While In Malibu

The delectable taste treat known as Kat Torres showed off her copious assets in this thonglicious photo spread for 138 Water. Kat is the real deal hot, my friends. She was created in a South American lab somewhere by a mad sexy scientist because she is too damn perfect to have just happened the natural way. Her boobage is just right, a perfect set of fleshy orbs that I for one would very much like to motorboat. But these pics largely feature her other most famous attribute: dat butt. The curve of it is perfection. I want to make a bronze impression of it and put it over mantle so that I can admire Kat’s booty every night. I’m sure my wife would be down. Everyone appreciates a nice booty.

I want to get a job working for 138 Water’s marketing department. All they do is take pictures of hot chicks and drink flavored water. That sounds like the American dream to me.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

OSU Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Kinda Digs Egotastic!


Now, I get a lot of correspondence from our dear readers. And I cherish them all. But when I get a letter from Kendra Sunderland, made famous last month for her Oregon State University library moment of flashing and diddling, well, I cherish it just a bit more.

Post school and senseless arrest, Kendra’s up to a ton of stuff, including pushing a new web venture., which is one of those rare sites that is exactly what it sounds like. A place for men of a certain standing to sponsor girls through that valuable, vulnerable, and often financially strapped time in their lives when they just want to expand their academic horizons. This site may not be for everybody, but it’s for somebody. That is the beauty of the Internet. It’s like the biggest Chinese menu in the world. Column A, hot college girls looking for a little help.

As far as Egotastic!, well, we should be seeing more of Kendra in the near future. We simply must work together. Or, you know, study together in the library. She does seem like a fun study partner. Enjoy.

See Kendra’s Infamous Naughty OSU Library Pictures »

Bachelor Contestant Jade Elizabeth Roper Topless Stellar Bazoongas in Playboy

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At one point she was Jade Elizabeth. On the current season of The Bachelor, she’s Jade Roper. Online, she’s Jade Elizabeth Roper. Quite frankly, I’ll call her anything she likes provided she just smiles in my direction. Okay, smiles while topless and revealing her stellar ta-ta’s as featured in her Playboy shoot of not so very long ago.

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I’m not sure how Jade got booted by the Bachelor. I wouldn’t watch that show if some villain had my family held hostage with horrible threats. I can always find new family, it’s my TV time that’s precious. All I know is it’s incredibly staged and the audience skews heavily female which could be the only reason in ‘reality’ a man would ever decided Jade Elizabeth Roper was not the girl for him. Oh, please can it with the ‘she be crazy’ nonsense. A girl who looks like this, you expect a little personality quarks. God doesn’t want anybody to be perfect. There’s simply not fun in that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Miranda Cosgrove Wears Only A Towel (Aye Yai Yai Carly!)

Miranda Cosgrove falls into one of those Nick and Disney teen starlets who you hoped and lit candles for would become much racier in their public appearance once past the tween TV stage. It’s yet to happen for hottie Miranda Cosgrove who has maintained her squeaky clean G-rated image now into her early 20′s. But some girls are late bloomers and you hold out hope that their inner sextastic will break free of puritanical hold and reveal itself in some kind of visually splendid manner.

We’re getting closer.

Miranda appears in only a towel in the film Intruders. Now, it’s not exactly Angelina Jolie running around stoned and nekkid in Gia, but this is something of a step forward for Miranda in terms of finding her inner hot actress self. Maybe nothing more risque comes of this, but me and my dreams and the approximately eighty seven lit candles here say otherwise. C’mon, champ. Get up, champ. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Intruders” Darius Films

Cara Delevingne Short Dress, Sexy Boots, No Problems

Cara Delevingne really is on top of the world these days. Big time modeling gigs for this already famous heiress. Not to mention she seems to be scoring young chicks faster that Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper combined. Why not let the world in on your contentment in a short dress and some sexy boots even in the London winter. It’s cold over there, but our ogling hearts do need warming, and a sextastic young woman in boots always toast my personal cockles.

Cara was on her way to being featured in the Burberry fashion show. I believe I can afford one finger of one glove being featured at the event. I know which finger I’d put it on too. But leering doesn’t cost a thing. I’m not sure if this was truly a benevolent gift or a mere fashion statement, Cara. I’ve decided I don’t really need to know. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet/Splash