Rita Ora Booty Flash, Taylor Swift Cleavage, and Jennifer Lopez MILFtastic Bare Win the Night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

I know what you’re thinking. Thank God for yet another music award show because the first twelve of 2015 simply were not enough time to showcase pop music. Exactly. Hence, the 2015 Billboard Music Awards which did precisely what all the award shows before them did, only they changed the names on the placards and banners. Still, it was yet another chance for the super hotties of the music world to get decked out in revealing gowns to garner attention on the red carpet and stage and remind everybody that even if their music is boring and derivative, their fleshy funbags are quite worth buying their music.

Rita Ora and her barely covered booty and cleavetastic dress won the evening, followed not far behind by Taylor Swift in a rather racy funbag display by her standards and Jennifer Lopez in a nude number that is mind boggling hot for her veteran status. The other queens and divas and princesses of pop music shined as well, all wearing form hugging numbers that were like music to my eyes. If you turn down the music, we could be living in the best female pop scene of forever, by hotness standards. Check out all this celebrity skin and see if you don’t agree. Oh, and crank the Scorpions! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Elsa Hosk Swimming Topless For Swedish Funbag Glory

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At this point, Elsa Hosk has decided to throw in the towel on wearing any clothes. Literally. The Swedish beauty so young and alluring and just barely out of my reach in terms of dates this Saturday night is exhibiting her topless fine Nordic form in an increasing number of photoshoots. This either means that The Rapture is upon us, or we’re just living in exceedingly lucky times. Could be both. I tend not to question anything in the sight of such topless delight.

Elsa bares her heavenly wares in this Sam Crawford swimmingly hot spread to remind us pretty much why we lust women so heartily. Also, you don’t need much stagecraft when the object of your lens is so ridiculously hot. The two goals combine in one simply memorable bit of eye peeping goodness. I do think I’ll try asking Elsa out one more time, seventy-seventh time could be the charm. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sam Crawford


Ashley Greene And Alexandra Daddario Cleavetastic Peeks In Soon to Be Released Burying the Ex

This taut yet to be released in the U.S. cinematic venture happens to feature both Ashley Greene and Alexandra Daddario in cleavy lingerie which means that it’s my vote for the Best Picture Oscar even before I see it, or fast forward through it, if I’m being super honest. The film was showing around last year but is finally coming out in some media next month, wherein I shall carry it tenderly as a newborn to my various consumer electronics appliances and figure out which button to push to make Ashley and Alexandra jiggle in their bras on my screen. I am fairly single minded in my purpose.

People complain about the state of modern cinema without ever stopping to consider the lovely amounts of sextastic celebrity flesh involved in so many works of film art. Let this be an example. Scripts and production are important, but they pale in comparison to casting the likes of Ashley Green and Alexandra Daddario in open top roles. You could film them taking out the garbage in low cut tops and I’d watch for an hour or a year. I’m not alone. I hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Burying The Ex” Voltage Pictures

Vanessa And Stella Hudgens Shoot Themselves in Sexy Swimsuits

You can’t keep a good family down. Least not the hot sisters in the clan. I’m not exactly sure why Vanessa Hudgens and her teen sister Stella Hudgens were posing and posting in swimsuits and bikinis in a throwback type bikini bit of visual wonderment, but I’m glad they did. Certainly, they could find other hobbies, but at the end of the day, who would that serve? Certainly not us.

Vanessa has been a big thing now for a solid decade of Disney and post-Disney starlet-dom. Her younger sister Stella has had her turn on some Disney TV adventures and is working to land a signature role as the one that propelled her older sister in the circles of fame and sextastic. In the mean time, it’s just swimsuit selfies in the backyard. Works for me. If they ever take up knitting, all will be lost. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Julia Pereira Bends Over In A Bikini

Sexy professional hot person Julia Pereira went to the beach wearing small bikini because she’s kind and wants us all to have a nice long look at her. Her scrumptious lady melons looked highly motorboatable in the tight bikini top. I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours getting to know those ta-tas. Her booty was also present and her lovely perfect cheeks glistening with water droplets in the sunshine. Then she decided to bend over and we got the full few of the glory that is her booty. This is the view from behind that some lucky bastard gets to see sometimes. It is sublime. If I were a poet I would write this post in iambic pentameter so I could properly capture the glory of her booty.

Alas, I can’t really remember how iambic pentameter works. Suffice to say that these pics of her booty are extraordinary.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Christina Milian Wet T-Shirt Over Bikini In Miami

Christina Milian was sporting a tiny string bikini in Miami while on a day at the beach. Her supple peaches were looking particularly juicy in a top that could barely contain them. There is some pretty fantastic cleav going on. She then tried to cover up with a shirt but forgot that you can see through wet t-shirt material. Whoops! But I think perhaps the most splendid part of this entire episode is how amazing her booty looks in that bikini bottom. It is firm and fully packed but still has a pleasing round bubble shape that all the kids are into these days. And by all the kids I mean me. Thank goodness we’ve finally arrived at the time of year when we get to see more of women’s booties.

That’s why I hate winter. I don’t mind the cold or the snow. It’s how buttoned up all the ladies are. Viva la summer.

Photo Credit: INF

Keleigh Sperry Thong Bikini Booty Cheeks Sunning in Miami

Dating Miles Teller has to be a phase. Give him a couple film bombs and hottie young model Keleigh Sperry has to be thinking how do I find myself a pasty pale blogger to get jiggy with. I truly believe this could happen. I also believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, does that make me anything but worth a miracle?

Keleigh continued her run of hot bikini looks while vacationing in Miami with a stellar flash of her asstastic bottom cheeks in her perfectly fitting thong bikini. I hope Keleigh is at least aware of the free service I provide along the beach of helping sextastic young ladies adjust their thong bottoms out of their buttockals should they become twisted or just in need of an adjustment. I’m gentle and my hands are always heated to a comfortable 90-degrees Fahrenheit, for her pleasure. Keleigh, those cheeks of yours are going to take you far. Let’s start with away from Miles Teller. I’ll pick you up im foreign compact. I’ll be the one yelling out the window, “Holy heck, look at those perfect hooters’. I’m expressive like that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet