Yvonne Strahovski Models Bikinis For GQ Australia

Holy Strahovski. Hang on to your blonde babe loving hats, and or prophylactics. Yvonne Strahovski is back with her smoking hot body exhibitionist ways in GQ Australia showing off one of the most alluring lady frames in the world. It seems like almost forever since last we saw the Chuck sextastic star. I’d like to say it’s worth the wait, though that can’t possibly be true with a girl are passion inducing fair as Yvonne.

There’s just something about this light haired lady that has always caught the attention of the most conspicuous oglers among us. She just seems like a woman you’d love to spend a lost weekend with. So lost, it lasts a year. Then you go your separate ways and make a promise not to tell anyone what just happened. Only, you know as well as I do, there’s no way you can keep that promise. Not with visions of Yvonne Strahovski nekkid save for a bear skin rug is still dancing in your head like so many sugar plums. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Australia

Elizabeth Hurley’s Still Got It And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Let’s enjoy Liz Hurley‘s boobs like it’s like the 90′s again. (Celebslam)

Mariah Carey and her funbags begin their Vegas residency. (WWTDD)

Shanna Moakler threatens to kill Travis Barker, arrested, and vice-versa (TMZ)

I’m pretty sure Lisa Rinna is a sexy vampire. (Huffington Post)

Kelly Brook shares her hot thumper on Instagram. (Drunken Stepfather)

Dakota Fanning‘s bare mid-riff is a thing of beauty. (Popoholic)

The Miss Universe contestants go splishy splashy in a pool. (The Superficial)

Behold the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders’ sexy calendar. (COED)

Cheyenne Tozzi Bikini Thong Bottom Paddle Boarding Delights

Cheyenne Tozzi and her wicked hot model goodness proves once again why paddle boarding deserves some kind of honorary award from the Gentlemen Oglers Association. Some girls have always tried their bodies at surfing, but it’s always been a small few. With paddle boards, we now have flocks of sextastic heading out to sea on boards with their thongs facing landward and their delicious bodies all covered in salty moist shimmering goodness.

Cheyenne is simply one sweet bikini body from Down Under. I’m not sure how her efforts to break into singing are going for her, I can say her efforts to be recognized as one super alluring thong asstastic on a paddleboard at the beach in Sydney is going quite well. I like simple. Hot girl. Tiny bikini. Paddle board. A recipe for visual wonderment success. Bless your thong, Cheyenne. It’s done good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Colleen Shannon Shiny Bra and Hot Pants on Set For Your Shimmering Boobtastic Needs

Self-described world’s hottest DJ and most definitely hot bikini and sextastic model Colleen Shannon is making movies now. Something called Street, which isn’t nearly as important as the wardrobe she’s in for the film, a ring girl costume of bikini top and short shorts that shows off her fine female form. I really don’t need to know much more about this film. I’m in.

Colleen Shannon had a rough last year with some legal problems and the like. You know, the kind of problems that a smoking hot blonde tells you about and you sort of half listen because you know she could mention being in prison for multiple pre-meditated homicides and you’d still hit on her ferociously. Women always say they should’ve seen the signs, men see the signs and just don’t care. I can’t tell you which is better, or worse, I can only tell you I don’t need to see Colleen Shannon’s report cards to know I want to cuddle with her nekkid for a year in front of a a fireplace while a voice over a PA system orders us to make passionate love, or else. It might be my voice slightly disguised. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

READER FINDS: Lucy Aragon Topless Beach Vine, Katy Perry Bikini Boobtastic, Bai Ling Topless, and Much Much More..

Click To See Uncensored

Well, hello there, Friday. Only the finest day of the week. The day named after the Nordic god of having a cold brew and kicking your feet up on the ottoman. Not only the end of the work week, but the day we pay tribute to the tributes gifted to us by our faithful readers. You prurient millions who represent the best and brightest this world has to offer. Well, at least the most gifted in the naming of Victoria’s Secret models. That’s a something skill you ought have on your curriculum vitae.

This week’s Reader Finds includes vintage hot modeling shots of Sienna Miller in lingerie in American Sniper (hot undies via ‘Cameron’), Shailene Woodley topless hotness in her indie (lovely lusties provided by ‘Steven H.’), Paz de la Huerta topless in her skinematics (eyeball popping Paz delivered by ‘Ken’), Paulina Porizkova in her post SI days topless thespianics (Paulina pouties thanks to ‘Ian G.’), sextastic model Nadja Bender quite topless in her jeans (many kudos to veteran contributor ‘David M.’), Marina Sirtis topless in classic skinema (brunette funbags courtesy of ‘Randy’), Lucy Aragon sort of accidentally topless on the beach (Vine spotted by ‘JJ’), Katy Perry cleavetastic amateur bikini top peeks (talk about your fireworks, thanks to ‘Aimee’), Juliette Lewis stripping to bare her knockers (she just keeps on flashing, ‘Owen’ just keeps on finding), Irina Shayk barely covered nekkid lingerie shots (epic captures of Irina via ‘Simon E.’), Latina hottie Dorismar topless in Playboy (outstanding peeks from the mail of ‘Everett’), Bai Ling topless sandy bare beach teats (found reminiscing thanks to ‘Jay D.’),  America Olivo quite topless on the silver screen (delightful contribution by ‘Allen’), and Adele Exarchopoulos in one smoking hot photoshoot (love me my Adele, thanks to ‘David E.’). It’s a lot. But I know you’re up to the task. Commence leering. Enjoy.

Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Hey, Xbox, PlayStation Called. They Want Their Porn Back

Whacked- PS3 Porn

Goddamn. This one’s flip-flopped from a simple ‘who’s the most porntastic’ contest to a serial drama with more mystifying twists than The Da Vinci Code.

Let’s recap… again. Last August, PornHub declared that PS3 was the porn-ogler’s console of choice. Assuming that, y’know, they’re PornHub and probably know their shit in these matters, we believed them. But as it turns out, even the almighty Hub of Porn itself isn’t infallible when it comes to knowing the world’s porn habits. Our whole world views were shaken. If you can’t trust PornHub, who the hell can you trust?

Last week, the Hub (like the Hut, but with less pizza and more anal) hit us with both barrels of updated stat-tacular. They reported that traffic to the site via PlayStation had gone way down, while Xbox –and even freaking Wii– traffic had increased by around 70%. This was controversial. After all, the crown of Perviest, Hardcore-S&M-Viewingest Console is a coveted one. We don’t know if we’re coming or going (pun intended), so who’s on top (also intended)?

To complicate matters further, SugarDVD, the Netflix of porn, now says the exact freaking opposite. Their own spangly infographic (check it out on Destructoid) reports that PS4 users watched 2.6 times more porn than Xbox One users last year. Is this between the consoles, or is it between the porn purveyors themselves? We may never know the answer. But one thing’s for certain: judging by the top five categories searched on PS4, if you’re looking to ogle some amateur (1) big-butted (2) asian (3) college girls’ (4) feet (5), Sony have you covered.

Here’s hoping they work that into their next commercial. Surefire system seller, right there.

Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Carrie Keagan, All Braless for the Critics Choice Awards

I wish somebody somewhere would criticize this whole braless wardrobe movement in Hollywood so I could punch them righteously in the nose. If they be a man. I’d never strike a woman, or a man for that reason if he was in any way larger or scarier than me. This is such a fine contemporary trend I can’t almost stand it. The Critics Choice Awards happened last night. I know, I didn’t know either. But hotties like Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Carrie Keagan, and Rosario Dawson came out to play and showoff on the red carpet without any bras. They weren’t exactly excessively showy, but they all were hot.

Just knowing I no longer need to fumble around with a bra clasp is such a wonderful feeling. You know, for those times I’m undressing Jennifer Aniston. Even in my mind that becomes an awkward bit of clutziness. Let alone the chance to sneak peeks at these sextastic celebrity peaks free from undergarment distraction. For all the troubles in the world these days, so many parts of it keep getting better and better. Keep your eyes on the prizes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty