Lara Bingle Topless Hot Bikini Beach Combing in Hawaii


How much do I love it when sextastic Aussie model Lara Bingle gets caught sunbathing topless? Oh, this much. You can't see, but it was pretty damn wide there with the hands. Such is the breadth of my lust for this swimming suntanning sweet hot bikini clad lady who absolutely hates the tan lines. I must say, I'm an old school fan of the tan lines, though I do thoroughly support the means by which they are prevented. Such as Lara flashing her sweet funbags bare and right there for the viewing on the beach in Hawaii. She's hanging with her new boyfriend Sam Worthington who I imagine gets to do more than just look at those spectacular peaches and all-around alluring bikini body. Lucky bastard. I wish you'd lost in Avatar.

Lara, you really are an international treasure. May you never lose your passion for topless outdoor fun time. The world needs more models like yourself. Preferably, living across from me and forgetting to draw their blinds. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Working the Grown Up Cleave in Ocean Drive

Sometimes, a girl just needs to get dressed up to show off her precious puppies. Like the typically more casual and undressed super sextastic Emily Ratajkowski who got all decked out for a spread in Ocean Drive magazine. While the fancy fashion issue wasn't quite spread enough, anything Emily and that faptastic cleavage of hers is the order of the day. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before her beauty got her into more lady-friendly and high-fashion publications. I think of it less like my girl is moving out, so much as she's moving on up. Of course this means she will now likely no longer return my calls, but that won't be much of a change.

Emily Ratajkowski can play the chesty hot girl next door or the uptown made-up lady. With me, she is welcome to play anything at all. Disciplinarian female principal does come to mind. Enjoy.

Felice Herrig And Her Deadly Kickboxing Hot Body Cover Fitness Gurls Magazine

I do so love how Fitness Gurls magazine stays so true to their title by finding hot girls, who are super fit, then getting them to take most of their clothes off for the cameras. That's pretty rock solid. Simple, but deadly. Like the body on professional MMA fighter and Chicago burbs born hottie Felice Herrig who covers their latest edition. Felice looks pretty dangerous. And I'm not even talking about the fact that she could break your arm, jaw, and bobo sack in three quarters of a second.

Obviously, one good leer at the super tight body on Felice Herring and become inspired to workout several hours a day to achieve the same. But I choose the road less traveled. Like, flipping open a beer and watching Felice do her thing. Everybody has their role to play in this world. If we all had perfect bodies, ogling might become needlessly tiresome. I prefer this model. The have nots staring at the haves. In comfy seats, naturally. Felice, welcome to Egotastic! Enjoy.

Jill Wagner Bikini Deliciousness on the Beach of Miami (You Will Have a Wipeout, Baby)

We really and truly do not see enough of Wipeout co-hostess and model Jill Wagner in her bikini. I don't think we could never see her enough. This vastly underrated hottie took to the beaches in Miami to give the gentleman oglers a taste of the good stuff they've been missing. It looks like her bikini top almost took a dive off of her splendid chest. I can't say for sure as I was leering catatonically at her ridiculously hot booty. Oh, my. I'm a distracted starer.

Just when you think  the pool of sextastic celebrity is full, along comes another sextastic beauty we barely think of, cannonballing into the pool in a skimpy bikini and reminding us that the line of hot ladies is truly endless. That's the line I want to be standing in for sure. Nice work, Jill. We will be watching. Enjoy.

Rachel Jessee Topless Ginger Candid Perfection at Go-Topless Rally in NYC


When you got it, flaunt it. Especially when you are one hot ginger performer like Rachel Jessee, a Manhattan artist, performer, and strong supporter of the right for women to go topless in public. If I had perfect sweet funbags like Rachel Jessee, I'd be at the forefront of this march as well. I mean, after 22-hours of sudsing, massaging, and lotioning my faptastic sweethearts daily.

The right to Free Speech is second only in import of the right for hot gingers with beautiful busty boobs to protest their right to flash their udders in public. Actually, it's already legal in New York to do so, so this is more of an honoring the right kind of thing. I support it all. I only wish I could be there to give Rachel Jessee and her righteous chest the full support it needs. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Pictures White Hot Curves in the Bermuda Triangle

Tulisa Contostavlos has been through some long level of legal battles of late. But she seems to be in recovery mode looking crazy hot in Bermuda in a small white bikini around her sweet curvy female form. I guess she's not a stress eater like myself. I would have gone through a lorry full of beef jerky sweating it out in a court room. I go through the jerky just watching my team down by a touchdown at half time. Not Tulisa. She looks bikini fit as a fiddle I'd love to rub my bow... never mind.

Tulisa, you have discovered the best play in life. Looking like a hot chick in a start white bikini on the beach. Really, there's no better way to tell the world that you and your alluring boobtastic are back in business and ready to take on anything. Good for you. And very good for us. Enjoy.

Liv Tyler Wears a Bikini On A Yacht In Spain

The lovely Liv Tyler took us back to 1995 hotness in a bikini on a boat in Spain. I remember back in my youth when Liv would appear in her dad's videos looking all sexy and sweet. Then she was the EILF in Lord of the Rings, (Elf I'd Like To F). Now she is still a girl that I would like to do the no pants dance with. The best thing about these pics is the gratuitous booty crack that you can see in several of the photos. What is awful in a plumber is wonderful in a hot woman. Sure, Liv isn't quite as tight as she was back in the 90's but then again who is? I kind of like her a bit fuller. I enjoy a girl with a little meat on her bones.

My grandfather always used to say that you can never trust a woman who is too skinny. Words to live by.