Eiza Gonzalez Flashes Legs Shopping in West Hollywood

The lovely Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez was all legs on a shopping trip in West Hollywood. The telenovela star was wearing what essentially looks like a one piece bathing suit her abuela knitted for her. Eiza has legs, my friends. I mean, most people have legs but she HAS legs. Her stalks are flawless. They are long and lean like the good lord intended. When her abuela knitted her this outfit she also forgot to add much of a top. So, there is some serious cleavage action going on. Clearly all those years of working on telenovelas in Mexico taught her that you get further in this business showing off your assets. And by assets I mean her chi-chis. I remember seeing Eiza years ago when she was just a teenager on a teen telenovela my mom watched called Lola...Erase Una Vez. Why my 60-year-old mom was watching a teen soap opera is not important.

What its important is that I knew that one day Eiza would grow up into one seriously caliente chica and I could stop feeling bad for ogling her.

Do You Happen to Like Hot Chicks Playing Soccer? (Err, Football, But Still Hot Chicks)

Playmates.com, the hot younger sister of Playboy Magazine is prepping for World Cup 2014 by shooting a bunch of wicked hot Playmates of the past few years playing soccer. Well, they're kind of mostly bending over and preening and toying with balls, but would you have it any other way?

I've said it once and I'll say it again, there's nothing hotter than sextastic alluring ladies in unis playing sports. Well, okay, them coming up to ask me for a rubdown after the game because I've stuffed the real team trainer in a closet and I'm pretending to be helpful is perhaps a notch hotter.

Check out the ridiculously hot Playmates slideshow for O Jogo Bonito (the beautiful game) from Playmates.com and the video below. I guarantee you will come to more fully appreciate the world's most popular sport. Enjoy.

Greer Grammer Sideboob Has a Bright and Sexy Future

How to Train Your Sideboob. I'd watch that movie once or a thousand times. But here comes previously lightly known Greer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer, and on one of those MTV shows I can't bring myself to watch. Naturally, I will turn my attention to hot girls with sideboob no matter the trouble, even the How to Train Your Dragon 2 L.A. premiere where Greer had her big coming out party, going a little risque for the otherwise family friendly event. Though I would note that there's nothing more family friendly than sideboob.

There's always a special thrill when next-gen celebrities get into the sextastic game with a nearly full commitment. Today, Greer Grammer, you have arrived at the doorstep of Egotastic! Push the doorbell and don't be surprised if the front door mat drops you into a chute that leads to my basement bungalow. Bungalow sounds so much nicer than survivalist bunker. We will be very happy together. Enjoy.

Danielle Lloyd Topless Crazy Hot — The Playboy Scandal That Started It All


It's the return of my favorite game, seeing a wicked hot celebrity in a bikini in the morning, to wait a few long hours to see her without her clothes on in Playboy Magazine in the afternoon. Danielle Lloyd was Miss Great Britain a few years back before she was stripped of her title because she had the audacity to reveal her sextastic goodness in Playboy. The whole thing seems kind of silly. The pageant people have a good thing, Playboy has an even better thing, maybe it's just jealousy. It can't be some stupid 'virtue' test. As if flashing your wicked hot funbags somehow disqualifies you to be an awesome human being bringing peace to our planet.


Regardless, any chance to see a smoking hot woman nekkid, that's kind of my motto. I'd get it tattooed on my forearm if it was so complicated and I wasn't scared of needles. While you're at it, be sure to check out our ongoing One Week Free Playboy.TV deal with our friends at Playboy Plus. You can take a social stand and see tons of hot unclothed women for free at the same time. I can't possibly thing of anything better. Enjoy.

What the Heck Are Those Topless Girl of FEMEN Up to Now?


Our friends at WWTDD continue their obsessive reporting on the topless protestors in Europe as they flash their funbags across the continent to push their political agenda, not to mention being arrested for topless screaming, which seems to be a minor crime over there.

Check out the FEMEN topless protestors stepping up their protests with phallic props. It's your world, you really should know what's going on toplessly. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Goes Topless and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Abbey Clancy Bikini Pictures Show Off Such a Superfine Woman, I Wish I Was Her Paddle Board

In my next life, I'm coming back as the paddle board Abbey Clancy favors with her wet, hot, bikini clad body. Or maybe her bikini. Or just her husband. Something or somebody that gets to be intimately close to this stunning lingerie model, TV personality, and hottie WAG.

Abbey continues her multi bikini vacation in Maui, causing necks to strain along the beach and male orcas to get painful swelling in their nether regions out in the warm waters offshore. Abbey is such an underrated hottie, I wish I could hold her hand as we went on a publicity tour around the world raising the awareness level of her sextastic. Naturally, she'd be nekkid to help expedite the campaign. Or one of these killer bikinis that seem to have been dropped down from heaven just for Abbey to wear. Enjoy.