Olivia Munn Leggy in Leather for The Late Show With David Letterman

Oliva Munn, thy name is erection. Oops, I meant to just think that. But, damn, girl, Olivia Munn girl I mean, you are looking mighty nice.

Olivia Munn hit the Letterman show in leather style, a slit skirt so slit you could ogle and fancy her toned legs from up to several blocks away. Mmm, Olivia Munn in leather. It truly is a heavenly combo at least in the heaven filled with hot girls in leather where I intend to go after passing away from making the sexy with more girls than Leo Dicaprio. It could happen.

Olivia Munn has been looking rather stellar of late. It could be the NFL QB boinkings. They do seem to work magic on the ladies. I’m just happy she’s sharing the sextastic parts with the rest of us. Did I mention, Olivia Munn in leather is crazy hot? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / Splash News / INFphoto.com

Baraba Fialho Models Underwear That’s Fun to See

Oh, how I’ve missed you super Brazilian lingerie hottie Barbara Fialho. While the competition in my world to be the hottest girl named Barbara remains surprisingly difficult, there’ no doubt that peek-a-booing Barbara Fialho in this lingerie spread for Palacio de Hierro, which my basic entry level Spanish tells me means Iron Palace. I’m not sure that’s such a sextastic title for silky underthings, but, hey, Barbara could be wearing lingerie called Don’t Touch Me Or I’ll Kill You and I’d still go in for a closer look.

Whoever first invented the idea of hot girls in panties to sell panties, well, that man or woman deserves a thank you from the entire world. If this notion had started during the kickstarter era, I might just have donated. Barbara Fialho, please, don’t change a thing. But when you inevitably do, remember to send me your worn skivvies. I dole them out to the poor and or myself each Christmas morning. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

Nadja Bender Topless Twins on Danish Delight Duty


Are you like me? Do you dig hot Danish models with a penchant for flashing their ridiculously perfect boobtastic? A silly question to ask around these parts, I know. Nadja Bender starts in the current edition of Twin magazine, which seems aptly apt for her twin set of funbags bared and all toasty warm looking for the holidays.

Nadja seems like the slender hottie who just likes to hang around the house in her blue jeans and no top on on a lazy Sunday. That’s sort of how lazy Sundays get turned into more vigorously active Sundays, but all the better. It’s quite hard to resist those alluring eyes and passion inducing lady parts especially when she starts biting on her fingers. I’m a sucker for a finger biter. It’s the international female symbol for E-ticket ride ahead. Yeah, I’m old, what of it? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twin Magazine

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Jessica Alba Green Screen Asstastic Stripper Dance for Sin City 2 Production

There’s something truly magical about these production shots of Jessica Alba crawling along the fake stripper catwalk set agains the green screen for Sin City 2. Obviously, the film itself represent a hyper-stylized animated graphics hybrid peek on Jessica and other lovely ladies in the movie, but this behind the scenes look at Jessica with her butt in the air in garters and stockings. Um, I think I just erected my own sin city if you know what I’m saying.

Jessica Alba is definitely firmly ensconced in good girl Brentwood mommy camp at this point. Her risque visual days are for the most part behind her most unfortunately. But this single moment in time, this memorable bit of skinematics, well, the ladies might try to bury the sextastic for the sanctity of MILFhood, but I can tell you from experience, it’s like trying to hide the One Ring from Sauron. Good luck. The Egotastic eye sees all. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sin City 2

Maitland Ward Wears Christmas Lights over Her Bare Bodacious Pair

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you ogle. At least how Christmas looks in the Egotastic! house each season. Picking out the perfect topless girl to string lights and popcorn chains over each December is no easy feat. But revived bosomy hottie Maitland Ward seems determined to be picked out first at the topless girl Christmas tree lot this season, showing a fine example of the Yuletide spirit by hanging brilliant seasonal lights over her even more brilliant boobtastic.

Maitland has definitely been making a push of late for the men and Sapphic leaning women in the general audience to notice her plump chestal goodies. I certainly admire any woman who does half the work for us. When she’s got a body like Maitland, I admire her that much more. I do so love this annual season of sharing and giving and peace on earth. And, yeah, bare ta-ta’s underneath the mistletoe. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Karrueche Tran Have Hot White Taco Bikini Will Travel

Typically I know you’re supposed to feel sad for people going through a breakup, but when a girl is breaking up with Chris Brown and she’s not injured, dead, or passed out in the street, you have to kind of feel mostly happy and relieved for her. Karrueche Tran may very well get back together with the troubled R&B singer. I’ve never quite understood the ways of bad love. But I do understand how Asian models in bikinis, a group in which Karrueche showed once more with her little two piece in Miami she very much belongs.

Kurrueche and half of celebrityville are in Miami this week for the silly art exhibitions, providing great cover for partying, drinking, and for those that got ‘em, showing off stellar bikini bodies along the beach. Kaurrenche’s naturally lean frame and tight little booty definitely get ogled even among the stellar competition permanently affixed to the sand this time of year. May tiny white bikinis never go out of style. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / INFphoto.com

Lindsay Lohan Poses for Civil Clothing 2014

Lindsay Lohan is back to looking hot in this spread for Civil Clothing. The troubled star has been out of the dressing sexy business for a while. But the truth is that Lindsay is looking better than ever in these picks. That legendary red hair and freckles accentuate the clothes perfectly. The best pick is one in which she’s wearing a kind of leather-looking unitard thing and she’s spread eagle revealing a wee bit of camel toe. This is a good thing, my friends. In another picture she shows off her shapely legs in what looks like a baseball uniform and a pair of knee high socks. Don’t mind if I do.

The truth is that I’ve had a bit of a thing for Lindsay since way back in the Mean Girl days. Say what you want about her controversies, but her boobage is controversy-proof. I’m glad she seems to be getting her act together again. A hot redhead is a terrible thing to waste.

Photo Credit: Civil Clothing