Summer St. Claire Topless in Pink Lingerie for Our Summer Season Send Off Soiree of the Sextastic

Summer St Claire Peels Off Her Pink Lingerie for a Topless Shoot
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Summer, we barely knew you it seems. The season of bikinis and sweaty tops and shorts and toned long legs and beach going boobtastic, it’s like we only just began. Thankfully, while you and I might be back to the perma-grindstone with the change in seasons, the sextastic celebrities we track like eaglets are pretty much year round frolickers and exhibitionists with extensive vacation dollars and bikini collections.

To mark the official end of summer, we take a look naturally at the naturally amazing wonderments of Summer St. Claire, stripping down in her pink lingerie to reveal her seasonally named bounty. Of course, we ogle and pruriently leer at this particular Summer all twelve months out of the year, as does her body faptastic so warrant. If only we knew a similarly fair maiden named Fall I could really make something poetic out of this post. Alas, weep yet over Summer. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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Carolina Cruz Models Swimwear the Colombiana Way, Muy En Fuego

You could do much worse in the course of your day than spending fifteen minutes leering at the lovely likes of Sudamericana hottie model Carolina Cruz and her ambitious attempt to bring wood to over one million men simultaneously. And doing so while modeling apparel for women. It’s quite a feat. I won’t make mention of whether or not I am to be counted toward this goal, but suffice it to say with this kind of body and that kind of sultry natural goodness, I suspect she will successful no matter the nominal goal.

Carolina Cruz, you are now officially on my radar. You won’t notice much change at first, except maybe an excessive number of handwritten love letters in your post box mentioning my extensive feather and tickling implements collection. It really is rather impressive. Laughable if you will. Carolina, your bikini body doth inspire me to en fuego level heights. Bless your good deeds. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Flashing Skin on the Parisian Runways

You’re not legitimately a fashion model until you’ve walked the runaways in Paris. I don’t know, I’m probably just making that up, but it seems like something people who dress nicer than me and smoke long thin cigarettes would day. Kendall Jenner got her turn last night on the big European stage hitting the catwalk with her distant blank gaze and a dress that reminded me of the portcullis some nerd opponent in a heated D&D game once informed me had just crushed my mountain giant. You’re not leaving an impression on the hoity-toity unless you’re showing skin on the runway. Kendall Jenner very much obliged. Not that you ever need to tell a Kardashian to flash a little something something when a crowd is assembled.

Kendall truly has made the transition from high school dropout model wannabe to full fledged teenage fashion model. It kind of brings a tear to my eye. Or would, if only a couple or three of those straps would have failed on her wardrobe. Tears of happiness. Coming soon I am quite certain. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton In Bondage Gear And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Paris Hilton wears a bondage thing and it is hot, yo. (Drunken Stepfather)

Nina Agdal should just be in underwear all the time. (Hollywood Tuna)

Hillary Duff shows off her stuff in see-through shirt at a movie premiere. (Huffington Post)

Britney Spears is surrounded by chicks in lingerie. (The Superficial)

In honor of Rosh Hashanah here are some of the hottest Hebrews. (COED)

Charlotte McKinney motorboats a guy on Tosh.0 and it is wonderful. (Busted Coverage)

Vanessa Hudgens is seriously cleavtacular. (Popoholic)

Lissy Cunningham Drop Dead Boobtastic Takes On Sam Cooke And Her Tubes of The Unreal

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It’s Battle of the Boobtastic time. That once a week epic moment when we provide the entire world the premiere roadmap for solving it’s conflicts with soft billowing boobs as opposed to all that other nonsense. This week’s BoB features the rock solid but beachy soft Lissy Cunningham and her light locks of uncovered goodness and veteran brawler Sam Cooke who can and will hold her own. As would you if those amazing yams were in your possession constantly.

But the hard choices come by way of your votes. Unlike Congressional elections, these votes really can and do count for something. Funbag supremacy for a week of cheers. Or, in the case of the loser, a week of tears. Now, you must decided between the winner and the not-winner. In your blessedly expert opinion, between these two gem stones, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lissy Cunningham vs. Sam Cooke

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Casey Batchelor Bikini Strapless Yachting Funtimes in Ibiza

I guess yachting season isn’t quite over yet in the Mediterranean environs. When I get my own sea-worthy vessel, she shall circle the globe 365 days a year, though mostly because I’ll forget to pay my mooring charges and they’ll set her adrift. Fair enough, so long as I’m stranded at sea with the likes of TOWIE starlet Casey Batchelor who wears a bikini rather noticeably well.

Casey was down in Ibiza partying on a yacht not belonging to me and seemingly well aware every man within a thousand leagues was ogling her super fine and buxom bikini body. That there is some kind of lighthouse power. I don’t care how nice your yacht is, the hot girl standing on the bow in a strapless bikini is still the captain. Casey, you are looking might fine these days. Permission to come board? Please, grant it. Enjoy.

Chelsea Heath Covered Topless Bikini Booting Pimping Continues for the Faptastic Gods

It’s no secret I’ve become quite smitten with Chelsea Heath. I’m not a gambling man, well, okay, I am, but I have a sneaky feeling we’ll bee seeing much more of this divine bikini hottie in the near future. As for now, we have another peek at the ridiculously hot bikini body of this young L.A. model pimping the creepy 138 water on the shores of Malibu, somewhere close to a bar I once remember being thrown out of . Mixed feelings for me, with a strong lean toward passion inducement thanks to Chelsea’s perfect bikini booty.

The more I see these incredibly passion inducing bikini babes pouring this 138 water over their bodies, the more I believe this mysteriously non-existent bottled water product is more likely an elixir that promotes serious hot body growth from the outside. No way to know for sure so, Chelsea, keep on pouring over your fun bits. Daddy will be there soon to mop up. That sounded really creepy as well. Though brutally honest i assure you. Enjoy.