Dakota Fanning Bare Asstastic and Elizabeth Olsen Covered Topless, It’s Time for Very Good Girls

Thanks to a bunch of you who wrote in, including 'Bill' and 'CJay' for the inevitable good news bad news situation with the film, Very Good Girls. Good news, hotties Dakota Fanning flashing her bare butt and a bunch of bra and panties scenes; bad news, she's not showing off her front side at all in the film as was teased by the film's publicists and distributors. So, what's new really in Hollywood. Let's call it the Jennifer Aniston effect.

Still, I will never look a gift horse of cutie hottie Elizabeth Olsen and the pale wonder that is Dakota Fanning showing off some skin in any movie. It's a thing. It's not the best thing, but it's still a thing. I really do try to turn lemons into lemonade. If I could do so while seeing Dakota Fanning's bare boobtastic, that would be much better tasting lemonade. Enjoy.

Lourdes Sanchez Topless Nekkid Hot Sudamericana Desires


Well, Argentina has advanced on to the next round in the World Cup. To celebrate, sultry Latina hottie Lourdes Sanchez has come out of relative hiding to appear once more in H Para Hombres magazine, the mainstay lads magazine for the locals down Sudamericana way. I'm not sure where Lourdes goes in between her once a year or so appearance in the magazines, but it's certainly worth the wait. This alluring minx has the body to stop traffic, including probably air travel within a thousand miles. That sounds dangerous.

Lourdes Sanchez is yet another reminder that super sextastic ladies reside in every country around this blessed planet. The more you travel, the more you realize this is one wide world of hotness. Or just hang tight here on Egotastic and we'll show you. Airline travel is overrated since they got rid of those awesomely tasty in-flight meals. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Asstastic Toned and Raring to Go in Los Angeles

I can't remember if Bachelorette contestant Courtney Robertson ever ended up getting married, or was just engaged, or called things off, or got married then learned the minister was actually a defrocked preacher, whatever script line they came up with in the super real and unscripted play out of that show. I only know I really like to see Courtney in a bikini on the beach here in Los Angeles. She has one of those lean, toned, statuesque bikini bodies that I do believe I'd be willing to beg to help rub sunscreen on to protect her from the rays of El Diablo. Oh, especially that tight little thumper.

Reality shows have dumbed down America to the nth degree, but they've also brought us an entirely new gaggle of hotties to gawk at. I suppose that's a fair trade. Without sappy trumped up garbage like the Bachelorette, Courtney Robertson would just be another no-named sextastic bikini hottie at the beach telling me to take a picture because it'll last longer. This universe is so much better. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum, a Tall Drink of Water in a Short Red Dress

Let me see. Tall, blonde, rich, single, super hot. Oh, Heidi Klum, you are so ready to be my friends with benefits.

The German model turned American businesswoman nearly stopped traffic in New York City, well, the traffic that was moving at least, strutting about in a super tight short red dress, showing off her exquisite veteran hot body and some legs that you don't just get by wishing for them. At 41, Heidi shows no signs of slowing down on the corruption of young men specialty arts, often showing off fine feathered parts of her MILFtastic body in public settings. At the beach, she'll often show you even more.

Heidi, there's absolutely no reason we can't be together for the next three to six months in a torrid romance that one day you'll look back on and barely remember. As for me, I shall cherish every moment. Let our lovemaking bring peace to the world as church bells around the world ring if only to cover the sound of my plaintive wails. Enjoy.

Taisha Marie Shows Off Her Booty In Vegas

Up-and-comer Taisha Marie flaunted her bodacious body for the cameras in this Vegas photoshoot. Yes, I went back in time and brought back the word bodacious because her assets are that amazing. Her funbags are out of control. She's wearing the type of lingerie that is engineered to show off boobies to their maximum capacity. It worked. You can see just enough of her ta-tas to make it interesting, and believe me my interest is peeked, (if you know what I mean). But the real news is her booty. It's seriously one of the best booties to come across my desk in a while. It's big without being too wide and is perfectly round. Basketballs are less spherical than Taisha's backside. You want to slap those cheeks but that's how people end up in jail, so keep your hands to yourself.

I see a bright future for Taisha Marie. As long as the butt stays like it is she will always be a hot commodity.

(Thanks to long time EgoReader and celebrity photographer Gary Sun at SunofHollywood for these spectacular shots.)

Check Out Taisha Marie Behind the Scenes Video »

Violeteyes Shows Off Her Tattooed Bikini Body

Model Violeteyes displayed her lovely tattooed self in a black bikini in Maui. The first thing you notice about Violeteyes' body is all of her amazing ink. Whether or not you like a girl with tattoos there is no argument about her amazing rack. Lucky for us the bikini top is so small that it can barely contain the wonders of her yum yums. Oh, there is side boob and top boob, dear friends. They are some pretty spectacular all-naturals. Even though the rest of her is a canvas for her tatts, she left her funbags graffiti free and for that I am grateful.

Normally I'm ambivalent about tattoos but I have to say that on her they look pretty friggin' sexy. She's like that bad girl in high school that you secretly wanted to make out with but who also kinda scared you.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Almost Topless Almost Crazy Hot Definitely In GQ Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski floats my boat in so many wonderfully tingly ways. I won't say we discovered Emily, that's like Columbus saying he discovered America when it was always here. But I do like to think we played our part in spreading the world on the former iCarly actress turned hot body goodness model. This is my life's work after all, sorry, mom.

Emily Ratajkowski is barely covered but most of her absolutely perfect body shines through in her new pictorial spread in GQ magazine. She really can't take a poor shot, not with all of her hot body talent, but the good magazine folks have managed to capture Emily in yet another truly memorable and epic peek. She really is so damn hot I want to chew on a towel or take a Polish language class online or something. That's commitment, Emily. I hope you see that. Enjoy.

Check out the full spread on Emily Ratajkowski in GQ online.