Padma Lakshmi Wet Bikinis For Elle India

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bill-swift - May 26, 2016

Oh, my Lakshmi. My belusted cheffy Indian hottie model and TV show hostess Padma Lakshmi shows up wet and hot and did I mention wet in a bikini in Elle India. While I know Padma prefers to couple with older billionaires, there's always the chance she would consider a penniless boy toy who giggles a lot during sex. I like to keep hope alive.

Smoking hot at forty-five, the sultry brunette takes a turn in swimsuits and otherwise hot body revealing shots because, well, because she can, and because you love it. As do I. A woman who can cook and model. It's the dream, even though the odds of her doing those for you are minimal. That's why it's called a dream. I have several more now after leering at Padma in her cleavetastic bikinis. I do believe i'm melting. This is how I always wanted to go out. Kiss me, Padma. No, lower. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle India