Padma Lakshmi Wears A Purple Low Cut Dress To A Party In NYC

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bill-swift - October 7, 2014

Padma Lakshmi was dressed to impress and titillate in a purple dress with a plunging neckline in New York City. Padma has some seriously wonderful funbags. They are the main reason why I sometimes watch Top Chef. OK, they are the only reason I watch Top Chef. I don't really get watching people making food on TV.  I do get Padma's hottness and its appeal. There is some epic cleav in these pictures. She must have been a hit at that party. Who could compete with those luscious melons? Not many. I have a thing for Padma, in case you couldn't tell. I don't get why Salman Rushdie divorced her. Why would you let Padma slip through your fingers? That's just crazy taxi.

I have a friend who works on Top Chef and he gets to mic her every day. Lucky bastard.