Padma Lakshmi Sports Bra Spandex After Workout

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michael-garcia - August 29, 2016

Top Chef host and total hottie Padma Lakshmi left the gym in a sports bra and tight Spandex pants combo that is putting a hurt on me. Padma is in ridiculous shape. Just look at that bare mid-riff. It's smooth, toned, and oh so satisfying. Padma has an amazing pair of funbags that look great in that sports bra. Sometimes sports bras smush the ta-tas into one big knocker, but Padma's hooters are more powerful and still look great. Then you have those seriously tight Spandex pants she has on. There is just a hint of cameltoe as they hug her hips and long luscious legs. Padma gets my pressure up. Seriously, I think I need to take some medication. 

She's the only reason I even watch Top Chef sometimes. I've never understood the point of competitive cooking shows. The audience at home can neither smell nor taste the food, so how do I know it doesn't taste like garbage and dog poop? I just don't get it. 


Photo Credit: Splash