Padma Lakshmi Sizzling Hot Red Bikini Cleavage

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aldo-vallon - January 8, 2019

The evidence is strong that suggests Padma Lakshmi is not wearing a bikini at all. In fact, what is cradling her boobs is actually improvised from a couple of water balloon slingshots.

If a bikini top needs to be fashioned then the water balloon slingshot is the perfect thing to use, especially when you are packing water balloons that are the size of Padma’s. Some women would probably be better off using regular old slingshots to make their tops. If I ever had to fashion my own banana hammock then I would probably go with the slingshot as well. The rubber band would make for a comfortable waistband, as well.

I do not understand why elastic waistbands are not a more common feature on pants. I shouldn’t have to wear sweats just to avoid having a waistband digging into my lovehandles all day. I would kill just about anyone in order to have a pair of dress pants with a little extra give to them. Of course, that isn’t an option to anyone unwilling to spend more than thirty dollars on a pair of pants. I’m telling you, those elitist will come up with anything just to keep the little guy down.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News 



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