Padma Lakshmi Brings the MILFtastic Heat to ‘Take Home a Nude’ Benefit

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bill-swift - October 20, 2011

I must admit, when I first heard that Padma Lakshmi was going to be at something called the 'Take Home a Nude' Benefit, I put a big bid down on Padma and just assumed I'd be taking her home nekkid. Sadly, it turns out that both my $17 bid was well short of winning, and, nobody got to take home the real Padma nude, it was just a fundraiser for the New York Academy of the Arts. Sad, because Padma looked so ridiculously hot, all recovered and definitely up for contention for new MILF of the Year award. And, she can cook.

I may have to find the change in my sofa and up my bid. Enjoy.