Origami Condoms Promise Safer Sex With Greater Pleasure

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bill-swift - May 14, 2013

No, these aren't plastic holders for that banana in your hand (the fruit) although it's definitely geared for the banana down under (your wang.) It's a modernized, revamped version of the condom that was designed by Daniel Resnic and it's totally outrageous.

The peen jackets are made from latex-free silicone and they come in an accordion-like shape that lessens breaks and heightens pleasure.

Three types of Origami-doms are available: the male version, the female version, and the one they call R.A.I. for women who like getting it from behind. I guess you could say Resnic definitely thought of something for everyone.

The Origami condoms are pending regulatory approval and are expected to make their way to shelves near you by 2015.

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