Oregon’s New Football Uniforms Presented in Trailer Form by Nike

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michael-garcia - November 3, 2012

We now live in a world where football uniforms are getting the Hollywood treatment and are teased out to the masses. It doesn't bother me at all. At the same time, this latest promo for Nike's 'White Vapor' unis that the Oregon Ducks will sport in tomorrow's game in L.A. against the USC Trojans is kind of funny to me. It's all about the wording.

There is the Chain Maille Mesh innovation. We have 'lockdown fit.' Don't forget to checkout the 'high tenacity thread.' The lockdown strength around the shoulders 'eliminates grab points.' The Chain Maille Mesh is designed for 'optimal cooling' and allows heat to escape and cool air to enter. Basically the dudes wearing these are machines. And forget the headline that says these are uniforms. They are the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress. Hilarious. They look pretty damn sharp though, can't wait to seem them in action in HD.

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