Only in New Zealand: Gollum Terrorizes Travelers at the Airport (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 30, 2012

To say that Gollum's crazy is an understatement. He's got multiple personalities, he's obsessed with the one Ring, and he's as two-faced as lunatic Stoors can get. He also happens to be terrorizing travelers with his creepy mug in New Zealand's Wellington Airport.

Aside from that, he's pretty harmless. No Sam's or Frodo's at the airport to keep him at bay though, but something other than the ring has caught his attention for once: fish. Well, even Gollum needs to eat.

He's actually only there for one reason though: to promote Hobbiton (a hobbit-themed tourist attraction) in New Zealand. And with all the attention this installation has been getting lately, I'd say it's doing its job fairly well.

Gollum creepiness at its best!

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