The Reason It’s Good to Be Michael Bublé

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editor - March 7, 2013

(^^^ you might want to kill the volume on this video unless you want to experience sudden female spotting.)

Why is it so damn amazing to be Michael Bublé (accent added to appease the angry mob Canadians)? It's not the gold records or the millions in the bank or the fact that women around the world cream their inner parts imagining you are their boyfriend. That shit is nice, no doubt, but it's not THE reason. That would be his now wife, Luisiana Lopilato.

The bible says not to covet your neighbor's wife, let alone bang her like you're trying to plug the hole in the Titanic, but I've gotten this far ignoring most every sacred rule in the good book, so I'm not starting now. I'd really like to lie down Leviticus style with Luisiana. I'd even be willing to learn how to properly pronounce her name if that's what it took.

Here she is in lingerie. Be handsome. Sell a few records. You could have her sister.

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