One of These Eight Movies Will Win Best Picture, Seven Will Go On to Lie About How It’s Just Nice to Be Nominated

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bill-swift - January 11, 2013

Well the Oscar nominations were announced today and while for some reason, probably bylaws or weird foreign money regulations meant that Dax Shepard'sHit & Run did not receive a single God damn nomination...the ones that did are exactly the one's you'd expect. Now while I'm sure you're all waiting on the edge of your seat to find out who the nominees are for Sound Mixing this year (I'm personally holding out hope that this will be Douglas Axtell's year-fingers crossed!), we thought we'd take you on a quick journey of the eight best picture nominees.

As you may recall, there used to only be five nominees for best picture and then a couple years ago, they changed the rules to allow for up to ten films to be nominated should that be the case--because if there's one thing America has become great at, it's celebrating mediocrity.

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