On Shokushu Goukan: Tentacle Erotica

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bill-swift - January 25, 2013

One of the most popular form of hentai is cartoon tentacle porn. Hentai is the often sexual genre of comic books and cartoons from Japan. While I don't understand the boner value of cartoon erotica in general, love with an octopus bewilders me even more. We here at Egotastic! are fans of porn, especially if it's parodies or funny stuff like Spongebob Squarepants erotica and The Avengers porn. I'm not a prude either. Frankly I don't care what people do in the privacy of their own homes if they are of age, consensual, and no one gets hurt. But I have to say that the appeal of seeing women, (and sometimes men), have sexual relations with cephalopods and their chewy arms escapes me. I mean, do these people get hot when they eat calamari?

The rise of the Internet created all sorts of new perversions. I have a theory that if you name a new type of pornography it instantly appears on the web. If I said, "Hey guys, I think sex with toasters is hot!", there would be a toast sex site up immediately. But tentacle porn goes back centuries in Japan. It appeared during the time of the samurai in the 1600's. I'm not sure what it was in the warrior culture of medieval Japan that made people hot for squids but it happened none the less. Tentacle love isn't restricted to cartoons either, oh no. There are now live action films where, usually rubber or plastic, tentacles do their thing with willing, (or in the movie playing unwilling), partners with the creatures. It's caught on here in the States as well. It seems the love of tentacle love is universal...I guess. I really don't get it.

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