‘OmniBus’ Special Edition Comes With A Real Damn Bus

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chris-littlechild - May 21, 2016

  The thing about special editions these days is, they aren’t all that freaking special at all. Just about everyone, their mother and their great aunt Philhemina is dropping special/collector’s editions of their games. What does this usually include? You know the sort of identikit stuff.  

Soundtrack CDs, figures or statues, a fancy-ass steelbook case, a map of the game’s overworld, a poster or two, one of those little envelopes full of arty bits… that’s how this sort of thing generally goes down. Which is, y’know, all well and good, if you’re a big franchise fan who wants such collectibles. That’s the point of these things, after all.

Even so, it’s always nice when a developer really raises the bar, throws in something truly shit-your-pants exciting with their most expensive version of the game. Impress us. Surprise us. Give us an actual goddamn real-life bus with your bus driving simulator, for instance.

OmniBus hits Steam next week, a piss-takey Goat Simulator sort of deal. For a mere $7500, you can grab yourself the Ultimate Bus Driver edition of the title.  This comes with the soundtrack –as always—and a hulking-ass piece of public transport-flavored machinery.

‘Yeah, a real life bus,’ PC Gamer explains. ‘It's a 1977 MCI Charter Bus, and I don't know how much buses usually cost in the United States, but I'm tempted to assume that the $7,500 asking price for the Ultimate Bus Driver edition is a bit of a bargain. You'll have to pick it up from Austin, Texas, though.’

There's the bus, up there in the header. See that, developers? That's how you put the special in special edition. The bar has been raised. Now, if you want to see the game in action, Figureight has you covered:

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