Omega Titanium Wallet Holds Your Cold, Hard Cash While Keeping It Light

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

Titanium is hot these days, and it's easy to see why. It's an extremely strong and sleek-looking metal, so you're assured that it can get the job done and emerge unscathed. Second, it's extremely light--definitely not what you'd expect from a material that packs such a strong punch.

The latest thing they're churning out using titanium is wallets. Specifically, the one we've got our sights on is the Omega Titanium Wallet.

It's the wallet to get if you're looking for a simple, minimalist wallet that'll fit right in with your minimalist lifestyle. The wallet is basically two slabs of titanium connected with o-rings that are held in place by slightly protruding stainless steel torx screws. Why protruding? That's to protect the wallet's surface from scratches by preventing it from coming into contact with other surfaces when you lay the wallet down.

The Omega can fit 7 cards comfortably along with your dollar bills, although it can carry a maximum of 20 cards, although it'll probably be all bulky at this point. Aside from the plain metal finish, you can have the Omega engraved or anodized (or both) by making the appropriate pledge for it on its Kickstarter page.

Get It: £25 and Up

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