Olympia Valance Thong Place at the Thong Time

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brian-mcgee - September 26, 2017

I had no clue who Olympia Valance was two weeks ago, but it seems she's all over the place and is, quite frankly, unavoidable at this point. The saucy Aussie is only 24 and is best known for her role on the long-running soap Neighbours. The only thing I could think of prior to learning that was—thanks to my three and a half years spent working at Linens N Things—a valance is a window treatment. It goes up above the curtains, covers up the rod and makes it look all boxy and decorative. There you are, now you know that as well.

This is Jukebox Selects, so I suppose we've got to put a song together for looking at these pics. I've got a great one today, thanks to Olympia's thong. You all know the Doctor? Dr. John, Mac Rebbenack. Here he is with his immortal classic "Right Place Wrong Time," most famously featured in the film Dazed and Confused. I guess you'd have to say that Olympia Valance was in the right place, but it must've been the thong time! I'll stop now, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News