Olivia Wilde Very Revealing In Black Lace

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bill-swift - April 15, 2016

Olivia Wilde doesn't disappoint in the looks or baring of skin department. While she doesn't treat us to her full frontal goodness routinely outside of occasional premium cable work, the MILFtastic mother of passion inducement always offers up a little something something for those who put in the minor effort to ogle her fineness, including this revealing braless look in black lace for the shrewd of sight. If it wasn't for those damn cow frills or whatever they are, this would be far more exciting.

Olivia is one of those upscale ladies who also happens to confess to digging wild rounds of making of the sexy when she lets her hair down. So, perfect. While her fashion bona fides require her to wear expensive ornate things when out on the town for fancy events, her willingness to go lace and commando is a sign to the ogling peeps that she's looking out for you, even as you are looking out for her. It's a symbiosis only the truly benevolent of sextastic celebrities truly gets. Olivia Wilde gets it. Yum. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash