Olivia Wilde Pokies Rock The One-Piece In Maui

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earl-jonas - November 21, 2017

Sassy starlet Olivia Wilde seems to have about three babies a week, and while she's actually only had two, we still have to give her props for maintaining her tight-tastic bod after incubating and then extracting multiple creatures from her chalupa. Motherhood is a gift.

The thirty-three-year-old actress donned a simple one-piece bathing suit to go for a stroll around Maui, and thankfully that paps were in the palm trees to catch all the sextastic action. Wilde is one of those actresses who seems to appreciate all that fame affords, and as usual, is all smiles while being ambushed in these pics. I mean, she might actually be yelling for privacy, but it kind of looks like a smile, so we'll go with it. Even though Olivia Wilde has stripped down for multiple projects, there's still something magical about seeing an actress go to Pokie Town, and what we have here with Olivia is practically a magical pokie explosion. Who doesn't like to go for a walk on the Wilde side?


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA