Olivia Wilde Hot Seductress For Edit Magazine

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bill-swift - February 24, 2016

Olivia Wilde is my kind of girl. I'd like to say this was my on the record praise of her hotness and stellar goodness even before she announced she likes marathon sex sessions in the sack. That didn't hurt I might add.

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The model and thespianic sextastic looked like a decked out billion dollars of happy visuals in her pictorial in Edit Magazine. Nothing risque, but certainly all grown up and showing off her allure and cocktail hours good looks. If you came home to a heaping does of hot legs and side boobs from Olivia Wilde in a slinky evening dress, you might just come home more often. And on time. Or early. Wait, why is your best friend over without letting you know? Oh, the horrors of a crazy hot girlfriend. Still worth it. Just look at her for God's sake. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Edit Magazine