Olivia Wilde Gives Us A Thrill With Deep Cleave at ‘Rush’ Premiere in London

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bill-swift - September 4, 2013

As if our lust affair with Olivia Wildewasn't already riding well past safe speeds, she goes and flashes a whole bench of deep cleavy side boob views on the red carpet for the film Rush in London. I can't help but feeling we're exporting lots of American funbag views to Jolly Old England these days, albeit the Britty gals we do get in return do tend to go topless. So, I guess the Lend-Lease deal is sort of working in our favor these days.

Olivia Wilde really is one of the top stars in our Egotastic! nighty sky. When she gets dolled up for an evening out, she looks like a million bucks. If only we had a million bucks to make her a decent proposal of the indecent variety. That cleavage must be fully realized. Enjoy.