Olivia and Sarah Buckland Sexy Bikini Fun In The Sun

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brian-mcgee - March 16, 2018

Ah, the Buckland sisters. Who could forget the first time we found out about them just a couple of seconds ago? It seems like literal seconds ago that I googled them and found out who they were, and then remembered that I wrote about one of them yesterday. Damn, I forgot all about that. I need to lay off the pipe.

The Buckland Sisters illustrious career dates all the way back 2016 when one of them ended up on a reality show and then they started multiplying like mogwai. You go to bed one night and there's one of these women and then you wake up the next day and there's two. Hell, I'm afraid to go home for the weekend for fear that when I come back on Monday, there's might sixteen of these things waiting for me. Man, that would be something, wouldn't it? Sixteen Buckland sisters. One for every day of the week, and 10 on Friday.

What a world that would be to live in, I tells ya. It's like a paradise filled with Buckland sisters. All blonde, all in bikinis, all at the beach, none with any discernible talent. On second thought, I'd better rest up this weekend. Monday's gonna be a bitch.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA