Olivia Pascale Bikini on the Beach

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aldo-vallon - September 6, 2017

 How many women even enjoy themselves on the beach anymore? Most seem to take it as an unofficial photo shoot and to stock up their social media profiles with fresh pics. I, for one, applaud them for it. It is a great sacrifice they make by being beautiful on the beach. They know everyone is going to be looking at them so they have an important decision to make. One can either stay composed and ensure any photos that are snapped are complementary. Or they can have their fun in the Sun and risk having an unflattering photo taken of an accidental double chin. Most seem to prefer staying composed, and I think that is something to be commended. Without their sacrifice what would we have to look at? No one wants to post a picture of themselves when they are looking second rate. And if no one is posting pictures to the internet then what else is there to even do? That is what the internet was made for, I am pretty sure. Well, that and cat pictures, but they can hardly fill the void.


Photo Credit: Backgrid