Olivia Palermo In A Sheer Revealing Top In Brooklyn

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michael-garcia - August 19, 2016

Sultry Olivia Palermo wore a very revealing sheer top and no bra in Brooklyn. It's tough to be a New York City socialite and I can attest that it's been hotter than a bull's nutsack in New York. So, it's not surprising that she would shed the shackles of her bra and let them get a little air. I bet that see-through shirt breath really well. Olivia has a delightful pair of perkies that look good enough to eat in these pics. Not literally, I'm not a cannibal, but figuratively. She's in terrific shape, but I guess that if your job is to look good professionally it is imperative that you work out a lot. Plus being that she is a socialite, besides parties and reality shows, the other thing they do is go to yoga classes and stuff. It's a good life if you can get it. 

I remember seeing her on "The City" years ago. I had a roommate that was obsessed with that show. The ironic part was that he was a guy. I didn't mind because there were many hotties on that show and they were often scantily clad. 


Photo Credit: Splash