Can It Be True? Olivia Munn Cleavtastic On Instagram?

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earl-jonas - September 18, 2017

It appears even Olivia Munn is getting in on the Instagram cleavtastic fun, at least if the initial reports coming in are correct. It looks like the busty A-list hottie took to her Insta Story to share some risqué poolside and beachside bathing suit shots. First time for everything

While you may initially be disappointed to see that Munn left her bikini at home in favor of a one piece, she, of course, still manages to put on a peep show like no other. Her green swimwear features a plunging neckline that flaunts her fabulous funbags. Munn even leans in over the camera in a couple different shots, making sure we don't miss a thing. So thoughtful.

Munn doesn't stop with the front, however, turning away from the camera on the beach to show off one heck of a toned tush complete with a little wedgietastic action. My anaconda don't want none unless you got Munn, hun. 


Photo Credit: Instagram