Olivia Munn Shows Her Sexy Cleavage In “The Predator” Promo Pics

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elliot-wolf - September 5, 2018

Olivia Munn is so amazing that she needs her own word just to describe her. I’m going to chop the first half of the word wonderful off and make it Munnderful. Because just saying wonderful feels too ordinary, and Munn is extraordinary. Wouldn’t want to sell her short. She deserves an indefinite round of applause for her appearance at the Predator movie promo. Not only is she a star in the film, but she was a star on the red carpet. I would like to see all available showings of Olivia whenever possible. Movie Pass may be failing but if they start promoting unlimited looks at Munn, it may save their business.

At first I was against seeing The Predator film because it would be hard to make a movie more awesome when the original had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. But I see the cinema industry accepted the challenge and have outdone themselves. Slathering Olivia all over a reboot has done more than just gotten my attention, it has me preordering a ticket just so I don’t miss an opportunity to see Munn’s beautiful face.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA