Olivia Munn Cleavetastic in Manhattan

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bill-swift - December 7, 2016

Let's be honest. Brutally honest. Since Olivia Munn went big time film and television, and on top of that, went big time boyfriend with NFL star quarterback, she's definitely disappeared most heavily from the sextastic celebrity circuit. Not that she's any less alluring. I'd still like to slather her multiethnic hotness with some kind of soft cheese and pretend a part of me was a cracker constantly double dipping. But gone are the days of bikinis and raunchy skits and tiny skirts and revealing outfits to garner attention and lust among her fanboy audience. Alas. It's likely never coming back. 

Such is the delight we feel in our tenderest of loins when we do get an Olivia Munn sighting showing off some skin. Given the cold temps in New York it's not such a small thing for the thespianic to be showing off some cleavage and bare midriff in and out of some restaurant where a pinto bean costs more than my last ten lunches. She's a keeper. You can understand why Aaron Rodgers is doing just that. If only there was a way on Sundays and every other Thursday we could get the old Olivia back. I miss that tush and those teats. Melancholy is the ogling gentleman on a chill late autumn's eve. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet