Olivia Holt Shines at the 2014 Industry Dance Awards

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bill-swift - September 13, 2014

Disney star and hottie Olivia Holt was looking quite beautiful at the 2014 Industry Dance Awards. I've never heard of those awards and don't know what they celebrate. Dancing, I guess? What I do know is that Olivia looked incredibly sexy in her flowery form fitting dress. She looked like one of those pin-up girls your grandfather's B2 bomber had painted on the side of it in WWII. Her youthful boobies looked pretty amazing in that dress. There is some fairly spectacular cleavage happening. She also has a very shapely, curvy booty that looked good enough to smack, (in a metaphorical sense), in the form fitting dress.

Not a hard smack, just a "good job on having such a nice bum" kind of smack. A light smack of encouragement.