Disney Starlet Olivia Holt Hottie For Bello Magazine

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bill-swift - July 21, 2015

I was going to wait two more weeks until Olivia Holt hit the old maid eighteen in birthdays, but this Disney starlet deserves some more attention around these parts and when this Bello magazine spread came out featuring Olivia, tamed, but in all her future potential glorious allure, well, I just had to share. I'm like Barney, only safe around your children.

Olivia Holt is the All-American Tennessee cheerleader chick turned Disney TV star perhaps least often talked about when running through the list of network names. But this blonde has quite the punch in the old prurient passion inducing department, and it's hardly yet even begun to be utilized. If this innocent bit of fashion and style and glamour is any indication, should Olivia take a turn to the dark (as in, happy) side, the results could be simply phenomenal. I know it seems hard to believe, but this is why we light candles in the office in clear violation of fire regulations. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bello Magazine

Olivia killed it on the red carpet last fall in a very grown up little number.