Olivia Buckland Tatted Up and Sexy at the Beach

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brian-mcgee - March 15, 2018

Just hearing the name Olivia Buckland lets you know instantly that she's British. I don't know why, but there's nothing about that name that makes me think she's from this side of the pond. Thankfully my hunch was correct as Olivia made waves in the UK two years ago when she appeared on the popular reality series Love Island. And since we here in the States didn't get to appreciate her on that show, we can now approximate the experience with these pictures of the tatted up beauty on a love island of her own!

The only person on the beach with more tattoos than Olivia is her bohunk boyfriend Alex Bowen, who looks like he spends every moment that he's not working out getting more ink. I don't understand the appeal of tattoos, but it's clear that these two have found love with someone who appreciates the fine art of tattoos.

Who knows if Olivia will ever attain star status here in the States, but I'm definitely envious of the Brits who get to enjoy her sexy body on far more occasions than we do. Those lucky bastards probably don't even realize just how lucky they truly are!

Photo Credit: Splash News