Olivia Attwood Cleavage in a Shimmering Bra at The Utan and Tone Launch Party

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bill-swift - August 22, 2017

If you're not a Love Island fan, then you're probably a normal healthy human being. You don't need craptastic trashy British reality shows any more than their American counterparts. Though you might want to ogle their women. Might? Yes, you do.

Olivia Attwood always presents her funbags spectacularly in public forums because, well, because the term moneymakers didn't come out of nowhere. The made-up and composed blonde flashed her boobtastic at a tanning salon promotional event by way of a shimmering bra top. There's gold in them darn hills. That actually might make sense for the first time.

The Britty soon to be bride put her best assets forward, also baring her slender taut body in little sleek outfits to remind everybody of the sole upside of reality television. The starving and yearning to be famous bleached blonde ladies and the like. Olivia, you can shimmer at my private parties any time you like. I simply know I can't possibly figure out how to remove that bra of yours in under two hours. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News