Oh No, He Didn’t: Check Out the World’s Fastest Baby Carriage (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 12, 2012

For sure, child services would be on this guy's ass if he rode his modded baby carriage out with an actual baby in it. Hopefully he's smart enough to know not to do that (we think he is, considering he's got a one-month old son.)

So what new father Colin Furze did was build a motorized stroller that can move as fast as 50MPH! Talk about impressive. Furze isn't new to the speedster-building scene either because he also holds the record for building the fastest mobility scooter.)

Check out the video above and see how fast his baby goes!

The entire project cost Colin £450 (that's about seven-hundred bucks), which involved hiding a 125cc motorbike engine in between the carriage's wheels. The engine is brought to life and powered off by a couple of buttons on the handle.

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