Oh, Holy WTF: Human Shaped Mannequin Lamps are Creepy as Hell

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bill-swift - March 14, 2013

There's something about mannequins that I find really unsettling. Maybe it's the dead eyes, the plastered smiles, or the stiff poses, but I never got around to appreciating them for what they're supposed to be. (So if you see someone tiptoeing around a mannequin to get to the other side, yeah, that's me.)

That said, I'd like to know what the hell the guys of Al-Hamad Design were thinking when they created this series of life-sized mannequin lamps called the 'Embarakiya.'

Heck, even the name sounds like it's some sort of voodoo curse that jilted lovers can hit you with to cause immeasurable pain.

As you can see, they upped the freakishness level of these mannequins by replacing their heads with lamps. The lampshade adds an especially creepy touch--in a way, it reminds me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, only these are less bloody, although not necessarily any less scary.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss, only to find one of these Embarakiya lamps lighting up your hallway. I'd probably piss all over the place while screaming my head off. But hey, that's just me.

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