Offset’s Side Chick Summer Bunni In Extra-Tight Neon Slip

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aldo-vallon - December 21, 2018

There should really be a warning associated with these photos so that people know to wear their sunglasses before looking at them. That neon is so bright that I am starting to suspect that Summer Bunni is moonlighting as a lighthouse. I do not know how relevant lighthouses are in today’s world, but I guarantee that if you put Summer out on the coast there will not be a single boating accident.

Wait. If the boat captains can actually see that it is Summer Bunni out there then she might be causing more of a distraction. If her curves are visible then she could end up playing the role of a siren and end up doing more harm than good. That is the opposite of what a lighthouse should be doing.

This all leads me to believe that if Ms. Bunni wants to continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a lighthouse then she is going to have to alter her appearance just a tad. Instead of putting the curves on full display she could instead stuff a couple of pillows up the dress to distort everything. That would give more surface area to her neon-ness and ultimately make her better at her job.



Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA